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The last 2 years have been a whirlwind, we are excited to enter 2023 with a great amount of momentum! There have been many changes here at Glassen including our growing team. I’m excited to leverage their talents and knowledge to continue expanding our company and customer experience.

2022 we were very busy doubling down on customer security. We established Drive Encryption on all customer laptops, upgraded everyone to EDR antivirus, finished rolling out Ironscales, and even acquired a top-of-the-line electronic equipment Shredder.

In keeping with our customer centered mindset, we implemented a new easy to read packet for the Quarterly Meetings. This will make it easier for all our customers to stay up to date on their technology needs.

As you can see, we are bringing back the Newsletters in a new eBlast format. Be sure to read these as they contain current technology information and tips to help you stay up to date on what’s happening in the technology industry! 

Curtis Glassen

Backup For Office 365

Many companies store crucial data in Office 365 within E-Mail or OneDrive. One common misconception is that Microsoft is responsible for backing up that data, this is not the case. Microsoft recommends using third-party apps and services to regularly backup content and data in their service agreement.

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Office 365 - Outlook for Mobile

Which Mobile Email Application is Best for Your Business?

E-mail is critical to most business’s day-to-day operations. In the haste of getting employee mobile devices set up to access business e-mail, setup options are often overlooked, and key features left behind. Both Apple and Android include native email applications which can be set up to access Office 365 – but did you know that Microsoft has Outlook for Mobile available for both mobile platforms? 

What's the difference?

Having features that work for your company is important, especially when dealing with email platforms. Outlook for mobile offers seamless integration with the Office 365 suite including email, calendars, and even OneDrive for business. Outlook also offers an invaluable feature called “Focused Inbox” which helps you save time and focus on the emails that matter. Read More on the advantages of Focused Inbox.  

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Data Destruction

Glassen offers secure data destruction services! We can efficiently destroy sensitive data before properly recycling your old computers or media.

What is Degaussing?

The process we use to properly destroy data on spinning disk hard drives is called degaussing and is one of the very few methods that has a 100% effectiveness rate. Although many customers would like to destroy the hard drives in a fun and creative way, hitting the drives with hammers or smashing them can be dangerous and it doesn’t properly destroy the data. 

A spinning disk uses magnetism to store data in rows or “Tracks” as seen in the before image. Degaussing creates a large magnetic pulse which scrambles and destroys the data tracks. 

What is SSD Shredding?

Solid State Drives (SSDs) use flash memory to read and write data as opposed to the magnetic tracks spinning disks use in traditional hard drives. SSDs are more reliable and resilient; however, it is more difficult to destroy the data within these drives. There are several ways to properly dispose and erase data on SSDs, however shredding them is best practice. SSDs can be shredded in a commercial machine, reducing them to small pieces – destroying the drive and all of it’s data. 


No matter what type of data destruction our clients require, we have the necessary equipment in-house to properly and securely erase and destroy their drives. 

We Welcome Kari, Keegan, & Crystal to Our Team!

Administrative Assistant

Kari’s administrative experience began in 2013 where she found her knack for helping others and learned the importance of knowing all sides of a company to make it work most efficiently. She was quickly drawn to the accounting aspect of an organization and has enjoyed continually learning new technology associated with it.

When Kari’s not at work, she enjoys spending time up north with family and friends on her UTV in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter.

Tier ll Technician

Keegan became interested in technology at a very young age. He remembers getting electronic games in McDonald's Happy Meals and would figure out how to play, no instructions needed. He graduated with a BBA in IT in 2019, while competing collegiately in Track and Field at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Off-hours you can find Keegan fishing, snowboarding, watching sports, and touring craft breweries.

Account and Communications Manager

Crystal is just coming back to the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for the last 8 ½ years; it’s been an adventure to say the least! She has a BS Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. Crystal’s previous experience blended both the Business side and IT side as a Technology and Data Analyst. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, gardening, and baking with her two kids -things can get messy for sure! She is very excited to be joining this thriving team.

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