2023-2024 Three-Position Air Rifle Program Updates

Firing Order

  • This competition season, CMP will be conducting most matches under the Kneeling – Prone – Standing (KPS) firing order.
  • This includes all phases of the JROTC matches, the CMP Postal, Regionals and Nationals.  Local matches may choose PSK or KPS. Firing order should be included in the match program.

3PAR Postal, Regional and National Match

  • Starting with the 2023-2024 competition season, the Three-Position Air Rifle Junior Olympic Matches will be merged into the CMP 3PAR Matches. The term “Junior Olympic” will no longer be used for these matches.  There are a few reasons for this change:
  • The Memorandum of Understanding between USA Shooting and CMP (that allowed CMP to use the term “Junior Olympic”) has expired.
  • CMP has been conducting CMP 3PAR and 3PAR Junior Olympic matches in parallel for over 10 years. The decision was made to combine the matches into one to simplify the event.
  • There has always been confusion between USA Shooting’s Junior Olympic Championships (Smallbore and 60-shot air rifle) and the 3PAR Junior Olympic Matches.  This information only applies to the Three-Position Air Rifle events.
  • The CMP 3PAR Postal will now be the primary means to qualify for the CMP Regionals, so be sure to register when it opens up on October 15, 2023!  The CMP State Championships will be conducted later in the competition year.
  • The CMP State Championships will effectively replace the 3PAR Junior Olympic State Matches. The timeframe and qualification process to Nationals will be similar to what it was for the State 3PAR Junior Olympic matches.

For more information about this program, please visit the CMP Website

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