April 28, 2023

Greetings New and Returning Osprey Students and Families,


We are pleased to present the 2023/24 AHS Course Catalog, which includes descriptions of the classes we plan to offer next year alongside important information about AHS graduation requirements. As we near the end of the school year, it's time for AHS students to begin considering what elective classes they would like to take next year. Please dive into the catalog together to start exploring options. 

Returning students will notice something new in the Course Catalog. In the 2023/34 school year, we will launch an innovative new program at AHS—Osprey Blocks–with a mission of further engaging our students through academically rigorous, cross-disciplinary, immersive studies that connect classroom learning to powerful, real-world experiences. Imagine an expanded, more robust Osprey Week, where we build upon the positive impact those mini-courses have historically had on our school culture and add a rigorous academic component. Or the camping trip current sophomores did last year, in conjunction with their study in Humanities 9 of Bears Ears’ rich and complex environmental and cultural history. Osprey Blocks will be three weeks long and will happen twice in the 23/24 school year, once in early September and then again in February/March. Juniors will complete their LINK Internships during the spring Osprey Block. During these three-week blocks of time, we will hit pause on the regular daily schedule to allow for full immersion into one focused area of study. Osprey Blocks will be team-taught with no more than 30 students per group, and students will receive .5 academic credit upon successful completion, as they do for semester-long elective courses. We are really excited to launch these new classes!


When choosing classes, it’s important to consider several factors including interests, career and college goals and path to graduation. We are providing academic advising to 9th,10th and 11th grades students, in advisory for younger students and through individual appointments with Erin Cummins-Roper for juniors. We want to encourage you to have conversations at home about elective choices as well. Our Guide to Course Selection and College Readiness can serve as a helpful resource. Please review the slideshow together to learn more about what colleges look for in their admissions processes in terms of course selection. Families of new 10th, 11th and 12th grade students--please be sure you've sent a current transcript to [email protected] so we can provide academic advising to help your student select electives. Students who transfer in from another high school program or who have received a failing grade in a required core class may need to recover a specific academic credit through electives or summer school in order to graduate on time. For example, if a student were to fail a semester of Math 10, they would need to make up a math credit by either taking a math elective or an AHS Summer School math class in order to earn the required 4.0 math credits by the end of senior year. Our credit review worksheet is a useful tool when reviewing progress towards an AHS diploma.

You'll notice some new names among the list of instructors for our classes in the 2023/24 school year.. Stay tuned for more information coming soon about the exciting group of educators we're adding to our already outstanding faculty.


Soon, we will send out the 23/24 Elective Schedule, which shows which electives will be offered which periods, along with step-by-step instructions for completing course requests in Infinite Campus. Please wait to receive this before finalizing any decisions, as you’ll need to see if electives overlap with core classes.

We'll provide in-person support for students as they complete course requests in Infinite Campus during preparation for Transitional Presentations of Learning. Students can go back into IC to make changes to course requests up until June 15, when our Registrar, Maureen Truax will begin creating student schedules. We hope to have 2023/24 schedules finalized by the end of June and students and families will be able to view them in Infinite Campus. Remember, students may not always get their first choices for electives since we strive to keep class sizes small and we give priority to older students and those who need specific classes to meet graduation requirements. We will do our best to accommodate requests. 

If you have any questions about particular classes, you can reach out directly to the instructor. For academic advising questions and selecting courses that best support postsecondary plans, reach out to our Dean of College and Career Counseling, Erin Cummins-Roper at [email protected]. If you are seeking support around the process of requesting courses, our Registrar, Maureen Truax is your point of contact. You can reach her at [email protected].

Thank you for your thoughtful engagement in this process. We're excited for the 23/24 school year and hope this year wraps up well for everyone!

Upcoming Events

LINK Internships (11th grade): Mon. 4/17 through Fri. 5/5

iAM Music Student Showcase: Sun. 4/30, 2-7pm at Durango Arts Center

TWIGS HIke with AHS Co-Founder Jesse Hutt: Tues. 5/2, 9am

Transition to College Workshop (12th grade): Wed. 5/3, 5:30pm

TWIGS Happy Hour: Thurs. 5/4, 6pm at 11th St. Station

Osprey Theatre Company: This is Me! A Cabaret: Mon. 5/8

Spring Junior Postsecondary Night (11th grade): Tues. 5/9, 5:30pm

All School Exhibition: Thurs. 5/11, 4-7pm

Senior Project TED Talks: Fri. 5/12 through Thurs. 5/18

Final NEST Meeting (special schedule): Thurs. 5/18

Senior Supper: Thurs. 5/18, 6-8pm

Advisory Olympics: Fri. 5/19

Graduation: Fri. 5/19, 4pm

TPOL Prep (special schedule): Mon. 5/22 and Tues. 5/23

Transitional Presentations of Learning: Wed. 5/24 through Tues. 5/31

Last Day of School: Tues. 5/31

Alumni Reunion: Sat. 6/10 Save the Date!

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