Congratulations again to our 2023-24 Competition Team!

For groups, duos, trios and solos please click HERE!

All groups are FINAL. At this time, dropping out of a group would result in a $100 fee.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding when it comes to the decisions we have to make when deciding these groups. There are many factors that play into these choices, and we truly take our time discussing all of it. These groups are made at our discretion, and we appreciate your trust in our decisions. Please email the studio with any questions or concerns.

Thank you! -Heather & Kinze

Solos, Duos & Trios! We need to be notified of who will be choreographing your routine as soon as possible. If you plan to use a MUSE choreographer, we need to know by Friday, July 21st, so we can organize that with the MUSE week schedule. MUSE Choreography space is limited and requesting a MUSE choreographer does not always guarantee you one.

MUSE Group Choreography will be Wednesday, August 9th - Friday, August 11th, at Fusion Dance CARROLL, and Monday, August 14th - Tuesday, August 15th at Fusion Dance OMAHA. The groups receiving a MUSE Choreographer are, Lyrical A, Lyrical B, Hip Hop A, Hip Hop B, Jazz A, Jazz E, Elite 1 and Elite 2. We will announce that schedule within the next week. If you are in any of the groups listed, each dancer will be charged an additional $75/MUSE group to cover the increased choreography costs. We also need to know of any schedule conflicts for these groups by Friday, July 21st to help with creating the choreography schedule.

MUSE Workshop:

It is MANDATORY that all competition dancers attend the MUSE Workshop. Every competition dancer has already been registered for this workshop. This year's workshop is August 12th - 13th at Fusion Dance OMAHA. 

Cost Options:

Option 1: Cost is $180, cash or check, due July 31st.

Option 2: OR, if you want payment to be charged to your account, it will be $190, taken out automatically on August 1st.

See the MUSE Workshop Schedule below.

MUSE Workshop Breakdown:

(Entering into for Fall of 2022)

Mini's: K-3rd

Juniors: 4th-5th

Teens: 6th-8th

Seniors: 8th-12th

8th Graders are listed in both Teens and Seniors.

You have the option to choose which level you would like to participate in for the weekend.

Informational Meeting: We will have a parent informational meeting during the week of the MUSE Workshop on August 13th at 9:00am at Fusion Dance Omaha to go over details of the competition season and answer any questions. This meeting will be geared more towards the new competition parents, but any competition parent is welcome to attend.

Fusion Dance!