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Bristol Bay Borough School District Superintendent Bill Hill named Alaska’s 2023
Superintendent of the Year
October 5, 2022 - NEWS RELEASE

Bill Hill, superintendent of the Bristol Bay Borough School District, was named 2023 Alaska Superintendent of the year by the Alaska Superintendents Association (ASA). 

Bill Hill, an alumnus of the school district, has served as their superintendent since 2013. During his tenure, he has focused on improving the education system, implementing early literacy programs, developing Career & Technical Education programs, and implementing Alaska Native Science and Engineering programming while fostering relationships with the community. 

Michael Swain, Bristol Bay Borough School District Board President, said, “Bill’s ability to communicate and establish relationships is one of his greatest strengths and benefits our district immensely.”

Superintendent Hill has been instrumental in working with UAA to offer culturally focused, experience-based M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning to the educators of Southwestern Alaska. Swain shared, “While he won’t admit it, this was one of Bill’s ideas to help our region recruit and retain the best educators possible.” 

Superintendent Hill is also the founder of the Bristol Bay Regional Career and Technical Education program that provides students in Bristol Bay Borough, Southwest Region, Dillingham, and Lake and Peninsula School Districts with career exploration opportunities. Kasie Luke, Superintendent of Lake and Peninsula School District, said, “To make something of this capacity come to fruition, Bill modeled and worked to create and maintain relationships, which is truly one of his most extraordinary skill sets.”

President Swain added, “Bill has been serving our region as an educational leader for over a decade. His steadfast commitment to Bristol Bay, the State of Alaska, and his Native community is unparalleled.”

Superintendent Hill stresses that this honor celebrates more than a single person. He notes: “The Bristol Bay School District’s board members, administrators, and staff are essential to improving opportunities and outcomes for students across the district. Regionally, visionary leadership and partnerships with the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, Bristol Bay Native Corporation, Camai Community Health Center, Dillingham City School District, Southwest Region School District, and the Lake and Peninsula School District have had a profound impact on what we have been able to offer students. We are fortunate to live in a region that recognizes the positive impact we can have when we work together for all the children in Bristol Bay.”

“It is an honor to congratulate Bill Hill as the 2023 Alaska Superintendent of the Year,” said Acting Commissioner Heidi Teshner. “Superintendent Hill’s leadership and commitment to the Bristol Bay Borough School District deserves recognition as success in Alaska education. The difference he has made in his district, and in the lives of students, will continue to make an impact in our state for years to come.”

Superintendent Hill was honored at the Alaska Superintendents Association Fall Conference on September 29th and will be honored at the School Superintendent Association 2023 AASA National Conference on Education in February. In addition, he will be representing Alaska for the 2023 National Superintendent of the Year.
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