An Extraordinary Leadership Seminar 

featuring Leadership + Design and 

Keynote Speaker, Lisa Kay Solomon

In the process of emerging from the events of 2020 and beyond and returning to a year of "normalcy," school leaders are asking themselves many questions that require time and space to answer.

  • How do I need to show up in this new era? What does my community and the world need from me right now?
  • How do I lead from a place of optimism each and every day? What aspects of my work bring me joy?
  • What aspects of my work do I find most challenging?
  • How do I simultaneously attend to the day-to-day and keep my eye on the future?
  • What narratives about my leadership are no longer serving me and what new narratives would I like to tell about myself as a leader?
  • What is the future of the Head of School position? What capacities and skills are needed now? In 10 years? How does that connect to me and my leadership?
  • How are we preparing the next generation of school leaders?

Perhaps it is a moment to redefine what it means to lead and to design a new model for school leadership.

Join The Heads Network, in partnership with Leadership + Design, this February for our annual conference where we examine these questions, explore this new model for leadership, and learn and practice the skills and mindsets that allow us to meet the challenges and opportunities of our time. Throughout the three days, you will engage in new ways of thinking and being in a laboratory format amongst colleagues who want to learn collaboratively and are eager to try new things. -

-Leadership + Design

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February 19 - 21, 2023

Nashville, Tennessee 

The Heads Network, in partnership with Leadership + Design, is excited to offer a 2023 conference experience designed to build upon the momentum from last year's collaborative, regenerative, and highly successful conference model, while offering each of us the opportunity to break new ground in our thinking and conversations about why we lead in schools. 

Utilizing elements of a small group cohort model to personalize and go deeper, facilitators from Leadership + Design will help us to frame a personal and collective leadership journey which is human-centered, self-regulated, agile, and future oriented. We will also seek to harness the twin powers of optimism and joyfulness in the service of our schools and ourselves. Throughout the program, participants will collaborate with school leaders with a variety of responsibilities and experiences, while also having opportunities to convene in cohorts with "job-alike" peers as well. 

Based upon your feedback from last year, we have also added a keynote from Lisa Kay Solomon, Designer in Residence at the Stanford d-School, who will share her insights on how best to connect imagination with possibility as we take the long view on our work into the future. 

Our seminar-based conference again offers the opportunity to step away from the day-to-day demands of our work in order to thoughtfully reflect upon how we might best cultivate our own well-being and positivity, while thinking creatively about our work as educators, leaders, and human developers facing a future filled with challenges, rewards, and countless possibilities.


The Early Bird registration fee is $1199 until December 15, 2022. 

The fee is $1299 from December 15 until January 20, 2023 

or until registration is closed. Enrollment will be limited.

Companion fees listed on registration form. 

The conference begins at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 19

 and ends at 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, February 21. 


The Hilton Nashville Downtown is the conference hotel.

The deadline to book reservations at the group rate is January 30, 2023. 

Reservation information is linked here


Nashville abounds in activities, music venues, museums, and more!

Even better, the conference hotel is located in the heart of it! 

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This is a conference session just for alumnae: What's Next in Your Journey

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Leadership+Design is a collective of educators and experience designers who believe that the future of leadership is more human, creative, and joyful. Leadership+Design partners with school leaders on designing the future of teaching and learning and works with schools on messy and ambiguous projects, including creating strategy, clarifying identity, redesigning programs, and building teams and culture.

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