Hello Arnold Athletes!
The start of the meet is approaching fast! We hope your training is going well.

This message contains a lot of information. Please read through completely.
2023 USA Powerlifting Membership
All lifters and coaches must have a current 2023 USA Powerlifting membership. If you have not renewed, please take a moment to renew now.  

Membership Renewal HERE
Coaches Warm-up Room Passes: These are available now and can be purchased up to the weigh in session for your flight. All coaches must be current USA Powerlifting members. These tickets are transferable, so if you purchase one for a coach and they are not able to attend, you can hand the pass to another coach.

For liability reasons, ALL coaches and handlers entering the warm-up room must have a current USA Powerlifting membership.
Raw athletes will be allowed one coach only. Equipped athletes can have up to 2 coaches.

Purchase coach warm-up room passes HERE. Click on the event name (in red) to go to the purchase page.

Tickets are non-refundable. You may transfer tickets to another coach.

Coaches Expo Wristbands:
This is the wristband the Arnold organizers provide us for access into the Expo free of charge. Athletes will receive two expo wristbands - one for yourself and one for your coach/handler. No separate registration is required. You (athlete) will be given two expo bands when you pick up your credentials.
  • Can't make it to the Arnold? Please withdraw through your registration profile so that we can update the flights:

  • Coach Warm-up Room Pass: available mid Feb up to weigh-in session

The lifting schedule can be found HERE
Be sure you double check the location of your event. You will either be lifting on the Expo stage (inside the exhibit halls) or in the C-pod venue (listed as Venue in the map below.)
Deadline Feb 24th @ 5pm EST. LIFTER BIO
It is important to remember that our events are drug tested. If you take ANY medication for any reason, you must verify if your medication is permitted or prohibited. If prohibited, a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) application must be submitted. The National Office can help through that process if needed.

Verify medications here: www.globaldro.com/US/search Enter: Athlete > Weightlifting > then your medication.

Additionally, many pre-workouts contain prohibited substances, whether declared on the ingredient labels or a hidden (contaminated) substance within the product. You as the athlete are responsible for what you put in your body and may cause a failure, which happened a few years ago at the Arnold. Consumer beware and only use products that are third party tested to help protect yourself.
We’re happy to announce that Barbell Productions will be the official media provider for this year’s Arnold Sports Festival. Photo and video packages can be purchased on their website.
Please visit our FAQ section of the website for more answers to common questions.

Contact us if you can't find what you're looking for: NATIONAL OFFICE
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