Black Friday 2023


*only 1 coupon may be used per order - coupons are only good for online orders placed between 11/23/2023 and 11/27/2023 US Eastern Standard Time - coupons can not be applied retroactively. Depending on order volume, some brief shipping delays may be possible.

15% Off Sale on AFR500v3 and AFR500v3CAN Air Fuel Ratio Monitors

The freshly released AFR500v3 and AFR500v3CAN edition are the most trusted pieces of equipment for tuners under $2000! Fast, accurate, flexible, & reliable air fuel ratio measurement. Try it for the first time or pick up an additional unit with this great Black Friday discount.

Take 15% off these wideband systems with coupon code BFAFR23 (limit 2 per customer)

AFR500v3 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit

AFR500v3CAN Edition Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit

15% off all Autosport Labs Products!

Autosport Labs is on the cutting edge of motorsport telemetry systems with their open source, endlessly configurable hardware and software systems. All components can be purchased at 15% off during this promotion!

Take 15% off all ASL components with coupon code BFASL23

Autosport Labs Products from Ballenger Motorsports

20% off PxL Pressure Sensors

This new sensor offering from Honeywell replaces earlier generation brass sensors and large, bulky stainless options to provide a compact, stainless sensor body and membrane available in pressure ranges up to 500 PSIG. Suitable for fuel use! Comparable in performance to other stainless sensors such as AEM, with a much more affordable price point!

Take 20% off these sensors with coupon code BFPXL23

PxL Pressure Sensors

20% off IGN1A Smart Coils

The IGN1A Coil is your go-to product when nothing else will do. This coil has proven itself countless times in the field with some of the most powerful engines & best tuners. The IGN1A is one of the few ignition options for 2500+ HP Methanol applications. It offers the perfect combination of extremely high spark energy and long spark duration. These smart coils need no external ignitor and can be controlled by most ECUs.

Take 20% off these coils with coupon code BFCOIL23

IGN1A Smart Coils

20% off PST-F 1 Combination Pressure and Temperature Sensors

This sensor is designed to measure relative gasoline pressure and gasoline temperature in port injection systems. The pressure measurement of the sensor is by means of a piezoresistive element which is acted on by a silicon diaphragm in contact with the fluid being measured. The reference (relative) pressure is provided via an opening in the sensor housing and acts on the active upper side of the silicon diaphragm.

Take 20% off these sensors with coupon code BFPST23

PST-F 1 Sensors

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