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E-Update | September 2022

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2023 Call for Projects!

The MSU U.S. EDA University Center for Regional Economic Innovation (REI) funds several types of projects: Co-Learning Plans Projects, researched and written by professionals; Co-Implementation Plans, led by Innovation Fellows; and Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Technical Assistance projects, researched and written by student teams at Michigan universities and colleges. Submitted projects will receive priority if they serve Asset Limited-Income Constrained-Employed (ALICE) populations living within Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRCs) and/or Opportunity Zones (OZs). Projects are encouraged to focus on one of four foci areas, including: resiliency planning, financial resiliency, circular economies, or 21st-century communications infrastructure.

Keep an eye out for 2023 project applications, which will be opening soon!

Innovate State Speaker Series

The Innovate State Speaker Series brings both emerging and accomplished Spartans back to campus for a fireside chat-style interview. These 60-minute sessions offer the chance for guests to share their perspectives on a wide array of topics like innovation, startup life, investments, and career path. Register for the event by clicking on the button below.

Speaker Series

National Coalition for Community Capital live Pitch Session

The National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3) will be hosting a live crowdfunding pitch session at SuperCrowd22 on Friday, September 16 at 1:00 Eastern. The conference and the pitch sessions will be virtual. The conference will encourage people to invest in their communities, underserved populations, and social entrepreneurs working to solve the world's big problems. Regardless of your industry or scale, you can build a community-aligned business. Learn more about community-building principles on the NC3 website (linked below).

NC3 Website
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