It is with great sadness that we write to inform you that summer camp programs of 2023 have been cancelled.

Our efforts to recruit summer staff resulted in a partial staff team of 16 summer staff members rather than the 35 needed to successfully fill our roster. It has continued to be a challenge to find an RN or 4th year grad nurse, barge/cube truck driver, climbing wall facilitator, and enough counselling staff to provide care for our campers. Despite the small team size, we were committed to hosting summer camp programs for as many campers as we could safely provide care for, and therefore continued with summer camp registrations.

This week we had our food services provider discontinue their services with us. This came from the economic impact on their business with our reduced camp capacity as well as some staffing challenges from their end.  This was the final factor that resulted in the cancellation of Camp He Ho Ha summer programs this year.

We had a strong response from our campers with 461 campers registered in the first 24 hours and to date we have 566 registrations completed. We understand that this cancellation notice is equal to 566 disappointed campers; we truly feel that disappointment with you.

We are a resilient group though! We are currently working to pull together some day camp programs to enable some campers to come out to Camp He Ho Ha for a fun-filled day of activities, friendship and laughter. As we restructure to host a different style of programs for 2023, we hope that you can have some patience with us and hold onto some hope that we can enjoy some summer fun together.

More information will be sent out by e-mail and on our social media platforms in the coming weeks as we work out the details and make the new programs available. 

Answers to some of the predicted questions:

What are the dates?

We have some preliminary dates determined and will release those as soon as we have confirmed them. The day camps will be held on weekends in July and August.

Will there be a fee?

Yes, there will be a fee for the day camp programs. We haven’t calculated the costs yet but will pass this information on as soon as possible.

What about the medical form?

We will not require a medical form for the day programs.

What if I already paid for my Camp this year?

               We will be issuing refunds for the fees paid so far.

For any remaining questions, please have patience until more information is released. We have a great deal of work to do to switch our structure and will be providing information to you as soon as possible. 

All the best,

Kelly French, Summer Camp Coordinator
& Greg Nielsen, Executive Director
Camp He Ho Ha
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