A Note from Scott and Marsha
January 12, 2023
Happy Thursday to all you green thumb, plant loving peeps! No green thumb? No judgement. Over break, I successfully killed a Sansevieria, which is quite possibly the easiest plant to keep alive. How? I still have no idea. I may need Joey, our resident houseplant guru, to perform an autopsy before I can have another one. Happy 2023... SMH.
We had exciting news toward the end of 2022: Our granddaughter Wittle Wove / Love Bug / Snickle-fritz (yes, I call her all these names at random) is going to be a big sister! Her baby brother will arrive at the end of June. Since Halle was born mid-March, we appreciate her parents Daniel and Erica considering our busy schedule this time and not having a baby in spring or fall. LOL!

In celebration of this, Grandmommy and Granddaddy felt it was important to prepare Halle. For Christmas, her gift was a baby doll and wicker stroller. It was adorable watching her push the baby around like it is real.
The only concern we have is that she will need to learn how to handle a baby before her brother arrives; I don't think grabbing said baby doll or real baby by his leg or head and dropping him into her wicker stroller is going to work! I envision a lot of tears from her brother and mom. Luckily, Erica has months to prepare Halle and this also gives Halle more time to grow into her new role.
We are excited to help again. Whether it be night shifts or keeping Halle while they adjust, we are here for it.

We utilize any and all opportunities to teach them how important it is to stop and smell the flowers or remove spent flowers and leaves. Start them young for all things green! In fact, I don't know why Halle doesn't have a plant in her bedroom - I need to fix that this week!
If you are missing something green in your bedroom or in your life, we can help with that. Just a stroll in the garden helped calm me and lowered my anxiety yesterday. So many great reasons to have green in your home and outside on your patio. Benefits galore! Bad day in the office? Just stop by after work; I promise, you'll go home refreshed. See you soon :)

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These plants may not seem like much at first but with the right light and care, they will reward you with beautiful, globular flowers. Depending on the variety, they can also smell quite fragrant. A lovely, easy-care plant for the beginner with bright light!

These ceramic pots have two parts that allow self-watering by retaining moisture. They keep plants moist as long as the bottom reservoir is filled. Best for plants that like a lot of moisture, which means they're really great for African Violets or Ferns!

This showy evergreen tree is perfect for any landscape - giving graceful droopy branches, attractive coloring, charming shape, and interesting branch patterns!


Also known as Seersucker plant, this rare plant is easy to grow and maintains a compact size with slow spreading habit. It likes to be kept in medium, indirect light with evenly moist soil. There is no doubt this Seersucker plant will bring beauty into your indoor garden container!

Saturday, January 21, 10AM-11AM
Location: The Robin's Nest

Join us for an informative session on everything houseplants. We will cover how to choose the right plants for your home and how to care for them so they stay happy and healthy. You will learn about air-purifying plants and pet-friendly plants! Every houseplant needs a home and every home needs houseplants!

Fee is $15/person; includes a spray bottle and microfiber cloth

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach

We want to help you create the outdoor living space you've been dreaming about. Our in-house designers are ready to guide you through the process, and we have availability for installation now.

You'll be able to relax and enjoy your updated space this summer. Whether it's a patio, walkway, dry creek bed, retaining wall, firepit, raised garden bed, or something else, we're here to get it done and get it done right!

New Year, New Yard!

Tip of the Week: Chore #2
Now that you finished your gardening and indoor chores from last week, we are sending you outside since it has warmed up a bit and sun is shining! Think of all the fresh air you'll enjoy and maybe you will spot a Red Cardinal or a Song Sparrow while you work!

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