A Word from our 2023 Chair

Happy New Year Cherry Creek Chamber Members! 

My hope for 2023 is that we collectively lean into community, kindness and growth. The Cherry Creek Chamber is unique because of you: our members. As board chair, I am committed to learning and acting on each member's "why." Why have you joined or renewed your membership? Why do you attend or not attend certain events? Why do we lose members? Knowing your why will help us as a chamber continue to prioritize the wants and needs of our members in an effective way. 

This year, we aim to increase engagement inside and outside of our community by encouraging activity and involvement from all our current and prospective members. We encourage you to take part in fostering this environment with us, where we can use experiences and socializing to learn and grow together. 

To facilitate engagement, we will also be introducing a new membership tier structure in 2023. We hope this additional tier allows us to expand our profile within the community and help introduce new members to our ranks. 

Thank you for your participation, support, and feedback. Our board, ambassadors and committees are committed to serving you so you get the most out of your membership and help discover and nurture your "why" with us. 

I look forward to serving with you this year!

Katie Wafer-Gillberg
Owner | Hydrate IV Bar
2023 Chair | Cherry Creek Chamber Board of Directors