National Indian Health Board to host

National Tribal Health Conference in Anchorage in May 2023

December 14, 2022


Greetings Friends of Indian Health,

I am excited to invite you to the National Indian Health Board 2023 National Tribal Health Conference and Public Health Summit in Anchorage, Alaska, May 1-5, 2023. As the National Indian Health Board (NIHB) celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, we continue to consider how we can best serve American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes in the space of health and public health. One way we believe we can better serve Tribal Nations and support limiting travel and time away from home is to consolidate our two national conferences into one week-long event: The NIHB National Tribal Health Conference. This will showcase the interconnectedness of policy, advocacy, and Indian health best practices. We will still offer our great content, educational offerings, and networking.


Programming will include:

  • Tribal listening and consultation sessions
  • Hands-on training opportunities
  • Plenary sessions and workshops that will cover a variety of timely topics, such as funding for Indian Health, the business of medicine, health equity, Tribal public health, behavioral health, environmental health, and climate change.
  • Focus areas on Native youth, Tribal veterans, and elders
  • Fitness Event
  • Exhibit hall and marketplace
  • Culture Night
  • Poster sessions
  • Heroes in Health Awards Gala and Outstanding Service Awards


We believe that moving to one larger conference will also be a better use of time and precious resources. NIHB will host smaller regional meetings as well throughout the year that will focus on specific programs and initiatives.


We hope you will join us in Anchorage from May 1-5, 2023. Conference registration and call for workshop proposals will be open in early 2023.


AwA’ahdah (Thank you),

William Smith (Valdez Native Tribe)


National Indian Health Board

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