2023 Registration is Open!
Registration for the 2023 Noquemanon Ski Marathon is now open! The registration pricing schedule for all events is listed below - note that our best rate of $75 is available throughout the entire month of September.

As usual skiers age 24 and under registering for the 50K, 24K, or 15 miles snowshoe event will receive a $25 discount no matter when they register - the discount is applied during registration.

Full Noque & Half Noque Events (Including Virtual), 15 Mile Snowshoe
  • $75 through September 30th
  • $90 through October 31st
  • $95 through November 30th
  • $100 through December 31st
  • $105 through January 25th
  • $120 on January 27th

  • $40 through September 30th
  • $45 through December 31st
  • $50 through January 25th
  • $60 on January 27th

Adaptive/Sit Ski
  • $15

Junior Noque
  • $20

The Noquemanon Ski Marathon is a non profit event that serves as a fundraiser for the Noquemanon Trail Network. The race committee works very hard to keep event prices down while also having the capacity to follow through on our financial commitments and moving trail improvement projects forward. We are committed to offering a unique and high quality event at one of the lower price-points available for an event of this size and length. Due to the increased costs of facilities rentals, contracts, fuel, and materials the race committee did need to implement a small fee increase across the board for the 2023 event. Despite the change the Noquemanon still remains one of the better value ski events available. Thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to our 25th annual event on January 27th and 28th 2023!

For complete event details please the Noquemanon Ski Marathon race website at www.noquemanon.com
Noteworthy Updates For 2023
The race committee is always working towards a better event experience for participants. These are the key updates to be aware of for 2023:

  1. Trail improvements at Dead River Basin crossing: Work is ongoing on the steep downhill approach to the Dead River Basin. A lot of dirt is being moved to make this less steep and more skiable. This should reduce the amount of snowplowing by skiers on the approach trying to control speed will and create a much smoother ski experience.
  2. Wave size reductions for 50K Freestyle: The Noquemanon is known for being a race with some elbow room and smaller waves. This is one of the most consistent pieces of feedback we receive - skiers LOVE the smaller waves at the Noquemanon. Waves will continue to be self selected at registration (pending verification of qualifying times) however waves 2 and 3 of the 50K freestyle have now been reduced to 125 skiers.
  3. Junior Noque will return to Al Quaal Recreation Area: In 2022 the race committee experimented with moving the Junior Noque to Al Quaal Recreation area. This change of venue allowed for better access for families, more room, more parking, and more viewable courses for spectators. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive and the 2023 Junior Noque will return to Al Quaal!

For complete information on all events, please visit the race website at www.noquemanon.com
2022 Awards Presentation and Results

Below is the complete list of overall winners and age group winners.

Awards will be mailed to overall and age group winners. Those in the local area will be able to pick up their awards in person - locations and times to be announced shortly.
Re-live the 2022 Noquemanon
Check out the excitement of the Junior Noquemanon held at Al Quaal Recreation Area