This is not your typical triathlon!

A family-friendly, yet competitive event that provides an exciting adventure on the Mohawk River and the Mohawk/Hudson Bike Path.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Race week is here! The weather looks amazing for Saturday. In this email is all of the information you will need for Saturday morning.

Race Day Check-In/Registration:

Day of Check-In/Packet Pickup will be from 6:00am-7:30am and is located at the Start area,The Niskayuna Boat House. 

2855 Aqueduct Road Schenectady, NY 12309

Race day registration will also be located at the Niskayuna Boat House from 6:30am-7:15am.

The race will start promptly at 8:00am.

If you rented a kayak please allow yourself some additional time to “fit” your kayak. Your kayak will come with a life vest and paddle.

If you are bringing your own Kayak, please unload first, then park, then head to check in. If you are renting a kayak, please park first and then check in. your bib will be marked to identify you have rented a kayak. We will have a seperate area with all of the rented kayaks by the dock, your kayak will be labeld with your name/bib/team.

Snacks and water will be available near the Registration/Check-In area; however, it is recommended if you have specific nutritional guidelines or dietary needs that you provide your own snacks and beverages with you for the race.

There are many volunteers for this race. In an emergency, please go to a volunteer for assistance as they will know how to get help quickly. 

Please remember this is a family-friendly, yet competitive race. Have Fun and enjoy the great natural and community assets we have in Schenectady County.

* Please understand that our volunteers will do their best to help you but they may not have answers to all of your questions.

Load In

Equipment (bikes, boats, helmets, lifejackets, etc.) must be dropped off BEFORE you check in: drive your car up through the drop off location at the Niskayuna Boathouse, drop of your equipment then park on Balltown Road at Craig Elementary School, and then take the shuttle back to the Race location.

You can also ride your bike to the start via the Bike Path behind Craig Elementary (~1.5 miles). There is no parking at the race location, see map below.

Unload Kayaks first at dock location on grass area then unload Bikes in the Transition Area (the area is secured with volunteers) and drive to event parking at Craig Elementary School/Niskayuna Soccer Fields. 

People who rented Kayaks with their registration will pick up their Kayak from the area marked rentals when they start the paddle. You will receive a confirmation at check in. 

Please follow line on map below depending on which direction you are traveling in from:



Parking and the shuttle are located ~1.2 miles up Balltown Road on the left hand side of street: 

The Boat House (Race Location)               

2855 Aqueduct Road     

Schenectady, NY 12309                                                         

Craig Elementary School (Parking Location)

2566 Balltown Rd

Schenectady, NY 12309

The official course map for Pedal-Paddle-Run along New York's legendary Erie Canalway. We can’t wait to cross the finish line with you all this year!

Course Map - Pedal - 7 Miles

The Bike route is a lollipop w/2 laps on the loop

Course Map - Paddle - ~2 miles

There will be buoys in the water to mark the course. Please stay to the right of the buoys at all times. The turnaround point will be at the docks of the Mohawk Valley Marine. There will be fire/safety boats along the paddle course and at the turnaround point.

Course Map - Run - 5K

Out and back along the Hudson Mohawk Bike Path with a water station at the turnaround (turnaround is approx. by the soccer field)


The race will be completed in the following order: biking, paddling, and then running.

Cyclists: Starting line lineup will be at 7:50am. Cyclists will walk their bikes from the transition area to the starting line on Aqueduct Road.

Please line up at the start based on ability. Faster cyclists to the front, slower cyclists to the back. This will help ensure everyone’s safety and prevent “bumping”.

**The Bike portion is a lollipop consisting of 2 laps around the loop, slower cyclists to the right faster cyclists on the left.

All passing should be done on the left.

Teammates competing in the running and paddling portions of the race should wait in the transition area.  

Cyclists: You must dismount your bike at the entrance to the transition area entrance and WALK it through the timing mats to the Bike parking area. If bike is not walked across timing mat your times may not be calculated properly.

Paddlers: You must remain inside the designated transition area and wait for your teammate to tag you then proceed to your kayak and launch in specified launch area. Once Kayak route is completed please return to transition area and tag the runner to begin the final leg.

Paddlers: if you should for any reason need assistance while out on the water, please alert the spotters in boats by waving your hands or oars overhead. Someone will assist you.

Runners: Please wait in the transition for the tag from your kayak teammate. Once tagged please run through timing mat at the start of the run portion to begin run time. 

Runners: Please note that in order to reach the finish line you must stay on Aqueduct Road past the Boat House store to the finish line. The finish and start line are the same location.

*All teammates should meet at finish line to get medals together.


It is possible that resident vehicles may accidentally enter the race course. If this occurs, please move to the right hand side of the street and they will pass on left to nearest exit. Please share the space and be careful.

If you have family/friends coming to spectate they must park at Craig Elementary and take the shuttle to the race area or can take the bike path from Craig Elementary to the start.

There will be several street closures/detours/altered traffic patterns on Race Day. Please be aware of the following:

Aqueduct Road will be CLOSED TO VEHICULAR TRAFFIC between 7:30am and approximately 10:30am.

Anthony Street will be CLOSED TO VEHICULAR TRAFFIC between 8am and approximately 9am. Traffic will be diverted to Technology Drive where vehicles will be allowed to cross at the discretion police and/or flaggers.

North End Drive, South Ravine Road and Hillside Avenue will be open to LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY between 8am and approximately 9am.

Motorists should be aware that bicyclists and runners will be using the streets; extreme caution should be exercised while the race is ongoing.

Keeping racers safe is a priority concern. In order for racers to be completely aware of their surroundings, the use of headphones is NOT advised.

Please stay hydrated during the race! There will be one water station on the running portion of the course at the turnaround (Mile 1.55), as well as a water station at the equipment/transition area. Please take advantage of them. 

Cyclists: please bring a water bottle with you for your bike, as there will be no water stations along the bike route.

There will be a First Aid Station near the Start/Finish Area.


After you have completed the race, please leave your equipment in the Equipment/Transition Area or move to shuttle pickup area where you may return your equipment to your vehicle. 

Pre-Race Checklist – Things to Bring

Bicycle - Check your bike to make sure the tires are inflated and the chain is tight and everything is in working order

Bike helmets - these are mandatory; cyclists will not be allowed on the course without a helmet

Lifejacket - these are mandatory; paddlers will not be allowed on Mohawk River without a lifejacket - If you rented a kayak everything will be provided for you.

Water bottle for your bike (there are no water stations on the bike course)

Running Shoes, Socks

Boat (canoe or kayak), paddles

Towels for transition area


Snacks, if desired


Participants should be adequately trained and fit before entering this competition. All participants should be healthy and in good physical condition according to their primary care physician.

All participants must wear safety equipment for all activities. Bibs with team identification numbers will be distributed at race day check-in and must be worn for the duration of the entire race. Chip timers will be used for timing of all event portions.

All participants must be registered before the start of the race.

Registration fee is due at time of entry. If registering on the day of the race, please note that only checks and/or cash will be accepted. Please make all checks payable to “Schenectady County”

A team can consist of at least two (2) or as many as four (4) members.

All participants must select competition categories at registration. Only registered participants may compete. List all team members and be sure to name your team.

The run course will have one (1) water station as part of the course on at the entrance to the Mohawk Bikeway; the bike and paddle courses will not have water stations. Water will be available at the start/finish line area.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own water containers for the bike and kayak/canoe courses.

All participants must wear safety equipment for all activities

All participants are responsible for gear: bikes, helmets, kayaks, canoes, paddles, life preservers and all personal belongings. If kayak is rented with registration they will be available at race site and will come with lifejacket and paddles.

All users of Aqueduct Park must obey the park use rules set forth by the Town of Niskayuna Parks Department. 

No alcoholic beverages or glass containers of any kind will be allowed in the parks or anywhere on the race routes.


Run Conduct:

Participants must run or walk the entire run course. All runners must remain within the designated course. In areas where there is shared vehicular traffic, runners must remain to the extreme right of the road and obey all normal traffic laws.

Participants are expected to show proper etiquette and sportsmanship to fellow runners.

Bike Conduct:

Cyclists must remain on the designated course.

Participants should use caution when changing position throughout the course and are encouraged to use hand signals. Cyclists, who intentionally obstruct another cyclist’s ability to participate, create a danger for other participants or endanger the wellbeing of themselves or other cyclists, will be disqualified.

Drafting/Passing: Cyclists should follow typical USTA rules and keep about 20 feet (or 3 bike lengths) between themselves and other cyclists unless actively passing.

Cyclists are required to wear helmets. Any cyclist who refuses to wear a helmet will not be allowed to participate in the race.

Kayak/Canoe Conduct:

Life jackets must be worn and correctly fastened by each participant kayaking or canoeing. Each Kayak may hold 1-2 participants.

All participants must remain in their boats at all times and following the outlined water path. Participants who leave the designated water path will be disqualified.

Participants must use caution when passing fellow participants and navigating the waterway. Participants are encouraged to use hand signals.

Those who choose not to complete the course must remain to the extreme right of the waterway so as to avoid being hit by another boat and/or causing a backup of participants.

We are looking forward to an amazing day of enjoying Schenectady County!


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