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Angela Beusse, Vice President, Agent & Business Services

2023 Reminder: Smoking Around Household Goods Prohibited
We are noticing an increase in Letters of Warning for smoking violations. As a reminder, per the Tender of Service:

Section B, 2, f: I understand smoking (including e-cigarettes) will not be allowed in the customer's residence, or within 50 feet of the customer's personal property.

Please make sure your driver and crews are aware they should be at least 50 feet away from any personal property (not just the customer's home) if they are smoking or using an e-cigarette.

As a reminder, smoking around household goods can result in Immediate Suspension. Per Chapter 405 of the DTR:

c. Immediate Suspension: An immediate suspension is effective on the date the PPSO initiates the suspension (e.g., the system date on which DPS sends the TSP notification). (1) A PPSO may issue two types of immediate suspensions: (a) BLOC Market (dHHG or UB or iHHG) Suspension: Moderately Restrictive. Suspensions should apply only to the market in which the violation occurred. An immediate suspension may be issued for, but not limited to:

  1. Refusal of standard shipment award.
  2. Missed pickup – A missed pickup occurs when the TSP does not keep the appointed pickup date and causes severe inconvenience to the customer or fails to meet pickup date without any type of communication with the customer.
  3. A DoD customer’s property remaining in a TSP's origin facility on or after the RDD.
  4. TSP personnel smoking in the customer’s residence, within 10 feet of customer’s personal property, or at any time in the moving van or container.

A TSP suspension means, that NFC will not receive any shipment offers, and therefore you will not. Smoking around household goods is an action that can easily be avoided and is always in the best interests of the customer. We thank you for your cooperation. If you should have any questions email:
2800 Roosevelt Road, Broadview, IL 60155 - 800-722-9144