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January 2023 Graduate Newsletter 


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Happy Lunar New Year,

Year of the Rabbit

2023 Workshop Schedule

Our Upcoming Vacation


May 9-11,2023

Hyatt Regency

Westlake Village, CA.

only 4 spaces left

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In Person

Hyatt Regency

Westlake Village, CA

April 20-21 2023

6 spaces left

Join us to discover your purpose and/or learn how to live a more "on purpose" life!

Complete old Declarations of yourself and move forward in 2023 unfettered!

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Women Moving Forward®

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Our schedule is filled for Q1 & most of Q2 so please reach out for Q2-4 in 2023 NOW!

 Our 3 Week Vacation

For over 30 years John and I

have always celebrated our Anniversary in either San Francisco or Hawaii.

Our Anniversary comes right in the middle of Lunar New Year also referred to as Chinese New Year.

Given we celebrate in places with large and diverse Asian populations,

we have always observed some of the New Year celebrations.

The Parades in Chinatown in SF are incredible. With fire breathing dragons. The food at Sensei in Hawaii is unparalleled. Including waiting for 30 minutes for the Peking Duck.

We had Kumquats in Beijing and dumplings everywhere we celebrated.

We love the Cherry Blossom Festival in Waimea, Hawaii. The dancing, drumming and Poi making is so much fun. I even like Kimchi, which, by the way, is healthy for you!

We love that whole families celebrate together and wish each other Health and prosperity in the New Year. But more then anything we like that people all try to take off a very long time to visit family and friends and re-connect with culture.

That's what we try to do during our anniversary vacation. We unplug and enjoy where we are. We Hike, Swim,Snorkel, Walk and eat great and healthy food.

We re-connect with each other and ourselves. We compare goals for the New Year both personal and professional.

Except for any of you needing help with an emergency; If we don't respond to your requests or E-mails immediately you will know we are taking a much needed break and coming back renewed and ready to take on the challenges of 2023.

We wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2023!



2023 Workshops

Advanced Women Moving Forward® 

April 20-21

Westlake Village, CA.


Productive Relationships©

April 25-27


Women Moving Forward® 

May 9-11

Westlake Village, CA


Managing Corporate Change©

June 6-8

Westlake Village, CA


Leading Projects Through Relationships©

July 25-28

Westlake Village, CA


Women Moving Forward®

September 12-14

Westlake Village, CA


Advanced Men's Course©

October 2-4

Ojai, CA


Advanced Women Moving Forward®

October 11-12

Westlake Village, CA


Women's Leadership Retreat®

November 14-16

Ojai, CA


only 2 spaces available.

If you want to attend let Susan know ASAP

This year we are discussing Emotions

Women Moving Forward®

December 5-7

Westlake Village, CA


Productive Relationships©

December 12-14

Westlake Village, CA


To bring any of these workshops into your 

company either in person or via Zoom

contact us

303-660-5206 or

Email Us

Special Women Moving Forward®

Graduate Programs

Observing WMF®

All graduates are able to observe any in person WMF® public workshop

Availability is based on space

cost: $250

To Observe contact Susan to reserve space.

Reviewing WMF®

Any graduate can attend a public WMF® virtual or in person workshop and be a full participant in the workshop again.

You will need to fully participate and be present for the entire workshop.

cost: 50% of the workshop cost

(currently $1875 in the US)

Reviewer spaces are based on availability.

Men's Programs

Contact John for more information

About our workshops for men;

Men Relationships & Work©

Advanced Men's Course©

For those of you who want to bring these very special workshop to the men in your company contact us to schedule one.

Men all over the world have taken this workshop and have been surprised by the results.



In person

May 9-11, 2023

We Can Help


If your company needs help with "change management" let us know.

We are experts in any Corporate Change.

Reach out to us to discuss further.


If you need support with your team/

division we can support you.

When we work with teams they become more effective and bring in projects ahead of schedule.

Let us know if you would like to discuss what your company/

team might need.

We're always open to have a discussion.

692 Camino Verde
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Phone: 303.660.5206 
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