Capitol Buzz
September 15, 2022
DOR Releases 2023 Shared Revenue Estimates

This week, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) posted on its website the 2023 shared revenue estimates for each city, village, town and county:

The estimates provide the amounts each municipality and county will receive for county and municipal aid, expenditure restraint program aid, and utility aid in payments made in July and November, 2023. 

DOR electronically mailed or physically mailed these notices to municipal and county clerks on September 14.

State Transportation Revenues Up

A new Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo shows the state's Transportation Fund has an additional $50.2 million available than what was projected in the 2021-2022 state budget (Act 58). According to the memo, sent to the Legislature yesterday, “the preliminary 2021-22 actual transportation fund collections were $37.1 million, or 1.8%, above the Act 58 estimate. In addition, the 2021-22 opening balance in the transportation fund was $13.1 million higher than under the Act 58 estimate. Along with the $37.1 million in additional 2021-22 annual revenue, $50.2 million more in total revenues were available to the transportation fund in 2021-22 than was estimated under Act 58." The Transportation Fund is the source for paying municipalities General Transportation Aids and the Local Road Improvement Program.