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January 2023

Dear Members, Sponsors & Colleagues,

Happy New Year!

The coming year will bring with it important developments on issues that impact our industry and the clients we serve. STA's ability to foster a sense of community and proven success at bringing together a broad cross-section of market participants in conversations and debate ensures that we will serve a valuable role in the outcomes on these complicated topics. Developing a strategy on how to respond to these potential changes will be a priority for firms in 2023.

At STA, we encourage you to engage with us. One way to do that is to become a sponsor of STA.

2022: A Record Year!

In 2022, a record number of organizations sponsored STA because they viewed us as a unique and cost-effective resource to understand key issues in Washington DC, assist in the career development of their employees, and help promote their brand.

Many of these organizations committed to STA sponsorship early in the year to maximize the yearlong benefits in their package, including representation on select STA Advisory Committees and opportunities to present on an important topic via an STA Open Call or Trading Views Podcast.

Two Events, One Sponsorship

STA will host two important industry events in 2023. In April, our one-day and fully virtual Washington DC Spring Update will feature congressional members and staff, as well as regulatory and business leaders. Then, our flagship Annual Market Structure Conference will be held October 11-13, 2023, at the JW Marriott in Washington DC.

Your sponsorship gets you access and branding to both events!

If you are a past sponsor of STA, we thank you for your continued support and we look forward to earning it again this year!

If you have never sponsored STA, please consider doing so. Our sponsorship packages range in price and are flexible to meet your firm's budget needs.

On behalf of the 2023 STA Executive Committee and Board of Governors, we are excited to see what the new year brings, and we hope that you join us as a partner and sponsor!

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STA Open Calls

SEC Equity Market Proposals: Disclosure of Order Execution Information (Rule 605)

On December 14, the SEC unveiled its biggest proposed reforms to the U.S. equity markets since Reg NMS was instituted in 2005. In its 6-hour Open Meeting the SEC's Chairman Gary Gensler and Commissioners voted on four proposals which addressed a range of issues such as: Rule 605; tick sizes, access fees, price transparency, order by order competition achieved through retail auctions and an SEC Best Execution Rule. While these proposals are introduced as four separate rule filings, they are interconnected which will make it difficult on the industry to formulate opinions and to provide input.

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The State of Private Markets

The private markets continue to evolve, creating opportunities for managers, investors and companies. This Open Call focused on four main areas. First, we discussed the infrastructure of private markets compared to the equity public markets with a focus on transactions. Next, we addressed the exponential growth in size of the private markets today, along with some of the contributing factors for that growth. Finally, we went over some predictions on the private markets for 2023. 

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Taking Stock

The Silver Linings of George Santos

By Jim Toes

President & CEO, STA

People are hardwired to look for any positive outcome from a disappointing event. This tendency to search for silver linings in all kinds of dark clouds helps us recover emotionally and move on from those difficult times having gained wisdom and experience from the lessons learned. 

Shortly after Election Day 2022, the New York Times broke a story on lies and misrepresentations made by then-Congressman-elect George Santos. Since then, more falsehoods have been reported and even admitted to by Mr. Santos himself. 

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STA Women in Finance

STA Women in Finance Keynote Speaker 2021

On April 21 2021, in conjunction with the STA Washington DC Spring Update, Jennifer Willey, CEO & Founder of Wet Cement Inc. presented a keynote address titled, Building Your Blue Sky Blueprint. In today’s "always on" Work From Anywhere (WFA) era, Ms. Willey helped attendees tap into their priorities to create the future they want.

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STA In The News

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What to Make of 1656 Pages of SEC Proposed Market Structure Reforms

By Peter Hanes

Head of Index and Market Structure Research, TD Securities

In Episode 50 of Bid Out, we bring together an all-star cast of market structure experts to dig into the SEC's proposed equity market structure reforms that total some 1656 pages of reading. Our guests first try to explain what the SEC is hoping to accomplish with its proposed rules, and what changes, if any, Canada will need to mimic. We then tackle several of the important proposals in detail including tick reform, access fees, new round lot definitions and the relevance of the NBBO, order transparency, retail auctions and best execution. We finish with musings over bargaining chips the SEC can dangle to get some of the most important reforms across the finish line, because it is not clear if all of these rules will survive industry scrutiny and potential litigation.

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Outlook 2023: Jim Toes, STA

By Markets Media

One highlight of 2022 was the strength of in-person events across all STA affiliates – they gave us a renewed sense of the importance of human contact. In 2020 and most of 2021, our industry recognized the efficiencies of performing certain functions remotely. Zoom calls were highly effective when travel was restricted. However, over time we all came to realize that in many cases, virtual meetings are inferior to in-person gatherings. As the year winds down, I think our industry has developed a healthy balance and a greater understanding of what can be achieved virtually and what requires an in-person meeting.

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