Volume 5, Issue 3

Time for Spring 2023 Season!

In this issue of the Rhody Huddle, we provide important details about the start of the Spring 2023 Open Division.

Week 1 & Season Kick-Off

Welcome to the Spring 2023 Open Division Season!!

Date: Saturday, April 1st

Location: Our fields for all our season games are located at North Country Club Field in Warwick (210 Monroe St., Warwick, RI 02888). Join us afterwards at Grid Iron Ale House & Grille (1599 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02888) for food, drinks, and league social.

Reminders: Please bring plenty of water, dress accordingly for weather, and remember that everyone will need to wear pocketless shorts and non-metal spike cleats to participate. You will not be allowed to play with pocketed shorts/pants or metal cleats.

Please be sure to arrive 15-30 minutes before your game (unless your captains ask you to arrive even earlier) to ensure you have time to stretch and warm up.

Take a few minutes to review our Code of Conduct.

Week 1: Games Schedule

Th most up to date schedule is available on our website and the SportsEngine app (iOS or Google).

Check out all our teams including full rosters and current standings on our website.

Player Development Clinics

Join us each week after the last set of games to brush up on some skills, or learn some new ones at our player development clinics, hosted by Director of Recruitment and Player Development, Sean Davis.

PVDGFFL Awarded Bill Belichick Foundation Grant

We're extremely excited to announce that our league has been named a recipient of the Bill Belichick Foundation Grant! This one-time $10,000 grant will allow us to purchase equipment, cover operating costs, keep registration costs low, and support the continued growth of our league.

Check out the official press release on our website.

Health & Safety Weekly Update

Predicted Weather:

  • Saturday, 4/1 8am: 50°F and rainy
  • Saturday, 4/1 12:15pm: 55°F and rainy

We have some very wet and wild weather predicted for our first weekend of games! Make sure you plan ahead, bring a trash-bag to keep your items dry and just expect to get a little damp this week. You may be slipping and sliding on the fields; work on warming up your muscles this week and get into a good stretching routine. Make sure you get to the fields early to meet with and warm up with your team!

Remember to bring any inhalers or allergy medication if needed.

First Aid:

We'll have a first aid tote with ice packs, finger splints, band-aids, and other various first aid supplies on the tar court next to the welcome tables. We'll also have first aid kits on each of the field carts along with NARCAN, which is to stay with the first aid kit.

Please go to your captains if you have an injury and utilize the tote supplies before utilizing the first aid kits on each field cart. If you do need to use the first aid kits on the carts, please use what is already open first! There will be an inventory sheet to track our medical supplies for the tote and kits - please remember to fill this out so we can re-stock supplies for the following week.

Free NARCAN/Drug Testing Kits:

As we mentioned at the meet your team party, we'll have free NARCAN and drug testing kits available at the fields. With the rainy forecast this weekend, we'll keep these supplies in storage. We'll share more information on the distribution/request process for these supplies in next week’s edition of the Rhody Huddle. Please contact our Director of Health and Safety - Theresa Waterbury - for more information: theresa@pvdgffl.org.

Weekly Health Highlight: MOUTH GUARDS

You may notice that some players choose to wear mouth guards during practices and games. Although this is not a required piece of equipment, accidents happen, and some folks can take hard hits during game play. Wearing a mouth guard reduces the risk of trauma to your teeth and jaw and may reduce the risk of getting a concussion. Check out this Mouth Guard Info for more information and link to mouth guard for purchase on Amazon.

Stay safe out there!

Check out our Health & Safety section of our website for more helpful information.

Upcoming Events & Important Dates

Mark your calendars, it's time to get ready for our 2023 spring season!

Additional events, including league socials and fundraisers, are being planned... more to come! Our events page is always up-to-date with the latest details.

2023 Board of Directors

Chris Almonte — Commissioner

Rolfe Hubley — Assistant Commissioner, Open Division

Red McSwiggan — Assistant Commissioner, Women’s+ Division

Greg Polzer — Treasurer

Josh Klemp — Secretary

Chloe Nelson — Director of Events

Chelsea Beaudoin — Director of Travel Teams

Michael Lucerto — Director of Captains

Marc Perkel — Director of Marketing and Communications

Sean Corcoran — Co-Director of Football Operations

John Mancone — Co-Director of Football Operations

Sean Davis — Director of Recruitment and Player Development

Anthony DeRose — Director of Fundraising and Sponsorships

Jay Potter — Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Patrick Simmonds — Director of Volunteerism

Red McSwiggan — Director of Rules and Referees

Theresa Waterbury — Director of Health and Safety

2023 League Sponsors

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