Hi All! 

You have made it to week three of our annual Sugar Challenge! By now your withdrawal symptoms will be starting to go away and you should start to feel great! Now might be the hardest time to stay on track because you have gone without added sugar for so long. The best way to keep up with it is to be prepared. Be prepared with healthy snacks and homemade recipes. A little food prep for meals and snacks on the weekend can go a long way during a busy week. Be okay with just relaxing on days where the detox seems like too much and be ready to get right back on track if you cave to those cravings. 

Think back to WHY you started the challenge. If you are struggling to keep going or considering ending it early, think back to your initial reasoning for doing this challenge. Think about how your body will benefit from less added sugar. By the end, you should have reduced cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods. Not consuming additional sugar during the challenge will allow your blood sugar to stabilize. This makes it so that you don’t experience the highs and lows of blood sugar which can cause you to crave sugar and other foods that provide no actual nourishment. These highs and lows also give your body a short burst of energy before you crash and need another sugar boost. The nourishment you will be getting during this challenge without the additional sugar will also help to reboot your metabolisms. Consuming healthy foods gives your body long lasting energy with no crash. 

During this challenge you have been learning a lot about good, wholesome food. This challenge should be helping you to understand what foods you should be putting in your diet and what foods you should not. It has and will continue to help you keep sugar consumption to a minimum and understand just how much sugar we put into our bodies on a regular basis. You are learning what types of food to stay away from when grocery shopping and this will help to keep you healthy even after the challenge is over. By now, you have probably learned a number of healthy and easy to make recipes and have some tricks for finding more. Please share those recipes with us! If you're on the Facebook page, we would love for you to share what you've been making.

Stay strong and carry on, you are almost there! 

St. Peter’s Wellness Team 

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