First things first -- CONGRATULATIONS! We are approaching February 9th, which marks your re-entry into a world that is meant to have a sweet treat every now and then. Although this challenge is coming to an end, you're welcome to keep going and see how long you can go without added sweetener. 

The task now is to create a pattern of eating where you're consuming no more than 10tsp (40g) of added sweetener a day while avoiding all synthetic varieties. 
By reading labels for added sugar and monitoring what you add yourself, you can stay within the recommended amounts and your body will be able to function the way it's supposed to. Remember, a pattern of eating out or consuming foods prepared outside of the home where you don't have access to a label will always direct you off track. 

When you're in control of your food, you're in control of your body. 
Hopefully this past month has been eye opening for you and helped you to seek out foods and food products that don't need any added sweetener. By now you should be able to identify and AVOID all the synthetic sweeteners and other synthetic ingredients that cause inflammation. You may find that re-introducing synthetic sweeteners and synthetic ingredients gives you a stomachache. Listen to your body’s response and avoid those ingredients. 

Your body functions best when it gets REAL FOOD. Strive to eat mostly whole foods and don’t fret over an occasional sweet treat. 
By eating real food such as whole grains, meats, fruits, veggies and quality snacks -- you can create a solid foundation of health. Keep it simple. 
Thank you for joining us! 
St. Peter’s Wellness Team