2023: Safe, Thriving, & Strong

Holiday & End of Year Impact

Thanks to this generous community of supporters, over $50,000 of monetary and essential supply gifts were donated to FCC. Thank you for joining our mission: fostering safe homes, thriving families, and strong communities by supporting individuals and families experiencing intimate partner violence.

Melvin arrived at the FCC offices to begin working on himself through the New Behaviors Program. Nervous about being judged by yet another person for his past choices, Melvin was unsure what to expect when meeting with Julie, FCC Staff, to begin sessions with the New Behaviors program. What he was not expecting was to be greeted with welcoming kindness, a warm smile, treated with dignity, and supported as a father. He certainly didn’t expect...

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Spreading the Love

Self-love for Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine’s Day families working with FCC focused on self-love. Indulging in self-care is often bypassed as a frivolous act, especially for those facing times of hardship and turmoil. When in reality, best practices across industries emphasize the importance of taking care of self, before others. As we’re instructed by airline staff, in times of chaos we need to take care of ourselves before we can adequately support others, including our children and families. 

Self-portrait created by shelter a resident to reinvigorate a sense of self-love.

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Shelter residents shared space and discussed challenges of self-love when the world feels like it’s falling apart around us. It is HARD to love yourself, and embrace who you are, and the skin you’re in. When facing homelessness, court, raising children as single parents, and starting from scratch to build long term stability, self-love is often farthest from the top priority. 

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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. representatives presenting the gift of self-care to Christian Green, Shelter & Housing Director. Special shout out to: Mia, Monique, Robin, and Tia for spearheading this effort.

Bath & Body Works Region 1503 director, Michelle W., presenting self-care bags, each with a personal note of encouragement for shelter residents.

Families across all programs work in conjunction with dedicated FCC staff and committed supporters like Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Baltimore County Alumnae Chapter, and Bath & Body Works Region 1503 to build resiliency, increase capacity, and move toward long-term stability. 

Supporter Spotlight

We are always humbled and grateful for the time, talent, and gifts from so many in our community. Your support has allowed for the ongoing expansion of FCC’s continuum of care as community need continues to grow and evolve. Thank you for joining us on this mission to foster safe homes, thriving families, and strong communities by supporting those experiencing intimate partner violence.

Reinvigorating Community Partnerships: A Generational Tradition

Bob Ivey reached out on behalf of Patapsco Masonic Lodge #183 to reinvigorate the strong community partnership with FCC he has witnessed over the years. With enthusiasm to amplify the Masonic commitment: contributing to the care and well-being of their fellow man, and directly impacting local families, Bob and his fellow brothers collected funds to purchase essential, high-need supplies of pull-ups and pillows. Through his leadership, Bob’s father, Mr. Charles Ivey, matched the collection raised by lodge members and doubled the impact of this gift.

Bob Ivey with Amie Post, FCC Executive/Clinical Director

The Sweetest Kind of Gift

Ms. Sara Beth and her joyful elves called asking if families in shelter would enjoy some freshly baked cookies. Of course, the answer was YES! Who doesn’t enjoy cookies made with love? What we didn’t realize is that this trio of women planned to answer the call for help by gifting 40 pillows to the emergency shelter AND beautifully decorated, delicious sugar cookies for families to enjoy.]

Ms. Sara Beth and crew

Recommended Reading

Reactivity Paused: Took a Breath and a Stand

Scott Hoecker, M. Div., a postgraduate student at the Center for Family Consultation, explores the human default to reactivity when faced with perceptions of disapproval or challenge. Using his experience as a faith leader, Pastor Hoecker explores how defining oneself and clearly communicating principles can make a difference. Much the same, each Survivor who chooses to leave unsafe relationships has gained clarity, made a decision, and taken steps to move toward their goals to live a safe, stable, and thriving life. By focusing on defining themselves, Survivors take a stand to tell the abuser: “I will not accept this anymore.” Whether speaking those words directly or fleeing to the refuge of the emergency safe shelter, Survivors define themselves and move forward with strength.

Questions to ponder:

  • How do you define yourself?
  • Where do you see room to engage your thinking, define principles, and practice self-differentiation? 
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FCC is thrilled to continue our 45-year history of fostering safe homes, thriving families, and strong communities by supporting individuals and families experiencing intimate partner violence.

We are excited to introduce the FY23 board of directors, each of whom is eager to amplify FCC’s impact. Please join us in welcoming this group of innovators, change-makers, and helpers to the team! 

FCC Leadership

In the Community

Since 2019, FCC has partnered with Dundalk natives, Mike and Rachel Winkler, who own and operate Then and Again Second Hand Store, in historic Dundalk. Through this partnership, families working with FCC have access to shop for clothing and shoes at no cost.

How does it work? Families in need of clothing and shoes receive a voucher from FCC staff to shop at the store and purchase needed items for free.

Why does this work? FCC is committed to honoring the autonomy of each person served. By providing vouchers, families shop with dignity and discretion. 

Get Involved

Each day FCC serves families rebuilding after the pain and trauma of intimate partner violence. Join us by staying in touch, sharing our message, or contributing to our mission. 

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As essential partners in the life-saving and life-giving work at FCC, your voice matters to us.

We want to know what matters to you and what made you join FCC's mission to foster safe homes, thriving families, and strong communities by supporting individuals and families experiencing intimate partner violence. 

Please take a moment to share your wisdom and help us continue our shared mission.

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