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Thinking about this New Year brings with it many thoughts in what could make this a better world for us all. We could all do our bit in thinking more of family, friends, colleagues and even strangers that we may meet. Caring for others can foster well-being in everyone around us, hence this being my resolution for 2024. Let us all help make this a better world by caring for others.

In my last newsletter to you I shared ALL of my 2024 courses, but in this newsletter I want to focus just on the courses that I shall be delivering myself. Some are on-going courses, and others one off courses, and of course I have the on-line courses, all delivered from my studio at Moor Hall. So hopefully something for everyone.


Bobby Britnell

23/24 March


This course is one of my favourites and one that I have presented several times for outside groups. It guarantees exciting results from everyone every time. It also makes people who say they cannot draw soon realise that there are many different ways in drawing.

Exercises will be varied so hopefully they will be something for everyone.

We will be working mainly with dry media, but also with some wet media.

You will be working 'expressively' with charcoal to create a landscape or a piece of work from your imagination. 

You will be working 'collaboratively' with pastels but with a personal twist in the end.

You will explore the use of wax crayons and oil sticks used with inks to build up a still-life drawing.

And you will love the portrait drawing with a difference!!!

All of the projects tackled will be clearly explained during the course making it accessible for all. Join me to extend your drawing skills, learn new ones and have lots of fun. There will be plenty of discussion as to how images produced can be developed and used as designs for translation into fabric and stitch in your own time if this is of interested to you. And let's see if we can get some work into frames as well?


Left: Collaborative Project

Above: Landscape in Charcoal

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Moor Art 1 ~ Alternate Wednesdays

Moor Art 2 ~ Monthly Weekend

If you find, as I am sure you will that you enjoy the 'Beginners Drawing Course' then why not join in with either Moor Art 1 or Moor Art 2, my two on-going art groups, which have been running for nearly 15 years now.

These on-going drawing and painting sessions, embrace a wide variety of techniques and processes all drawing from my own extensive experience in art and design. Drawing from still-life, working in abstraction, collaborative projects, collage, using oils, acrylics, and dry colouring media are all considered through the projects that I set. Some projects are quick and may be for one session only while other projects may last the full 6 sessions. We will often reference artists and it is in the understanding of artwork that we can learn about art. Although homework is encouraged it is not expected. It is more about learning and having fun.

We will begin the new term in 2024 by going back to the basics of drawing and from the studies undertaken develop ideas further into larger scale drawings and then colour studies.

Join us by Booking

HERE for Moor Art 1

Moor Art 1 meets fortnightly on a Wednesday throughout the year.

Course costs £35 per session payable in advance for 6 sessions = £210. If a student misses a session they may attend the other group on the weekend to make up for the missed session, if space allows.


HERE for Moor Art 2

Moor Art 2 meet for a weekend monthly for 9 weekends per year.

Course costs £35 per session payable in advance for 6 session (3 weekends per term) = £210. The same arrangement applies for when students miss a session, they can join in with Moor Art 1 space permitting.

There are currently SPACES in both groups, but could my existing students PLEASE BOOK NOW so I am sure of how many places there are availble in each group.

Nette Atkins ~ Moor Art 1 student

Wendy Kirk ~ Moor Art 2 student


tutored by

Bobby Britnell

Text Link

Inspired by Mary Fedden

Bobby Britnell

April 9/16/23/30, May 7, June 4


This course will operate 'live' with limited numbers via zoom.

Sessions will run from 2.30 (GMT) to approximately 4.30pm (GMT) on each of the course dates.

A course which examines the drawing and design inspirations, lines, marks, imagery and techniques used in the drawings and paintings of Mary Fedden. We will be examining these aspects of her work closely and then students will collect and draw from their own personalised imagery. Through a series of sketchbook exercises you will build up reference material to use in creating your own still life study.

Sessions are 'live' and will run from 2.30 to approximately 4.30pm on each of the course dates.

Bookings HERE

Ruth Kirkby

Ruth Kirkby

Lorraine Challis

Lorraine Challis


These courses are still available on my website. Click HERE

Inspired by Line

Inspired by Ben Nicholson

Inspired by Grids

Exceptional value of £25 each



I am thrilled to be part of this prestigious exhibition with the Textile Study Group.

Celebrating Innovative Textile Practice by the Textile Study Group

2023 marked the 50th anniversary of the Textile Study Group, a collective of textile artists who have been at the forefront of the discipline as both practitioners and teachers. Since its inception in 1973, and originally established to support tutors of embroidery, the group has evolved and grown in stature and is now one of the UK’s most prestigious and respected groups of textile artists and tutors.

This landmark exhibition travels to Farnham after exhibitions at Tweeddale Museum and Gallery at Peebles and The Ropewalk at Barton-upon-Humber. 

Tues Jan 9, 2024 10.00am to Sat Apr 27, 2024 4.00pm at Crafts Study Centre, University for the Creative Arts, Falkner Road, Farnham, Surrey


01252 891450

Above/Top - Bobby Britnell

Courtesy of Curtis James

Above ~ Jean Draper

Courtesy of Curtis James

Image – Jenny Bullen

Courtesy of Curtis James.

Image - Jane McKeating

Courtesy of Curtis James

A direct and compelling headline

I hope to see some of you book on one or other of my personal courses, so that I can welcome you into my studio either face to face or virtually or maybe you might get along to see the Textile Study Group exhibition in Farnham.



Inspired by Line

Ben Nicholson

Inspired by Grids

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