2024 National Junior Tournament

Sanctioning Instructions

The 2024 National Junior Tournament Sanctioning Process has begun. This information is for both of those interested in renewing their previous sanctioning tournament and for new bids.


The sanctioning period for a Level 1 National Championship is 3 years. Tournament approvals are for 2024-2026. Level 2's are for 2024-2025 (2 years). Level 3's are on a year to year basis.


The deadline to submit a tournament renewal or new bid are as follows:

L1 - January 15, 2023

L2 - January 15, 2023

L3 - May 1, 2023


Please view the tournament descriptions page and read thoroughly before proceeding.


After reading the tournament descriptions page, please read the following directions listed below for next steps.


For bids currently organized by sanction holders who wish to apply for a renewal:


Step 1: Please go ahead and submit a tournament application on Serve Tennis for the tournaments you are renewing. Below are a few guides to help you with this process:


Step 2: Wait to hear back on decision.


For new tournament bids:


Step 1: Complete the following renewal surveys based on the level you wish to renew


Step 2: Wait to hear back on decision. If accepted, we will have you submit a tournament application in the future with further steps. For now, the only step is to complete the above survey for the bid you would like to go for.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected].


Thank you,

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