To: PEBB Retirees

July 12, 2023

WSSRA Medicare-Eligible Members—

The PEB Board met on July 12 and set Medicare supplemental rates for 2024. Single subscriber rates are listed below in slide #1. Double the number for subscriber and spouse rates. As was the case last year, UMP-Classic continues rise dramatically—this time by 22%. There are several reasons for the large increase, but the primary one is that UMP-Classic is a self-insured state plan and not part of Medicare Advantage—which enjoys a 75% federal subsidy on prescription drug costs. United Health Care plans (Complete and Balanced), as well as Kaiser NW and Kaiser WA plans, are under the Medicare Advantage umbrella.

The PEBB open enrollment period is the month of November. Any PEBB retiree who wishes to change plans for 2024 must notify the Health Care Authority of that choice by November 30, 2023. An online application form will be posted in the fall, with a hard copy option available.

WSSRA will host a webinar on this topic at a date to be determined in late September or early October. The webinar will focus on the differences between the plans in coverage, deductibles, co-pays and complaint history. In addition to the three slides provided below, there is a wealth of information available on the HCA website (, and in PEBB meeting materials

For PEBB users, the Medicare supplement cost issue continues to be a conundrum. While the majority of PEBB members use UMP-Classic (see slide #3 below) , many have switched to other plans—the most popular move has been to UHC-Complete—with that trend expected to continue given accelerating cost differences.

WSSRA will follow these developments closely. Please be on the lookout for the webinar announcement, and be sure to read the fall Journal that should arrive in late September.

Finally, slide #4 below lists proposed rates for those under age 65. Those rates will be finalized at a PEB Board meeting later this month.

For those of you under age 65, please see the pre-Medicare 2024 rates below.

Alan Burke, Executive Director

WA State School Retirees' Association