April 6, 2023
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Registration is Open! Scroll down for complete information and How to Register!


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The registration deadline for ALL sports except pickleball and cycling is Friday, May 10th. Keep reading for registration instructions.

It’s Time!   Register Today!  

Perhaps you are ready to jump back into a sport you played when younger or ready to try something new. Perhaps you have fitness or health goals that you have set. 


As hundreds of our current participants will tell you, “never stop playing”! Come join us and feel younger, stronger, in better shape, and experience the true joy of competing against those in your own age group. No matter your skill level, you will find a culture of encouragement amongst all athletes.

This is a qualifying year for the 2025 National Senior Games set for Des Moines, IA! Scroll down to the qualification article for additional information.



Golf: June 18-20, 2024 - Henry Horton State Park

State Finals: June 21- 27, 2024

Williamson County (all sports except golf, cycling and pickleball)

Pickleball: August 7-11, 2024

Chattanooga Convention Center

Cycling: September 21, 2024

Strawberry Plains, TN


Entry fees support our entire non-profit 501c3 organization as we strive to promote active aging, healthy lifestyles, and improved well-being! Collectively together your fees help purchase items for the state finals such as athlete and volunteer shirts, medals, athlete insurance, equipment, signage, printing, online registration and check/credit card fees, IT costs, seasonal staff help, volunteer meals and so much more for your state finals.

Entry Fee: $70 -includes up to TEN events! Take advantage of this opportunity to add events within your sport or to add new sports.

Please note that there are additional fees for bowling, the golf scramble, road races, track and field, team sports, and cycling to pay for lineage, greens fees, to help subsidize the cost of referees, umpires, officials and timing fees and other costs. These will be noted on the registration welcome page.

Golf Tournament Entry Fee: $165:

36 holes (this fee covers any additional sports- up to 10 events). The golf scramble is excluded. Scroll down to the New Sports article to read more about the scramble, an open sport that is being offered.



Please review the checklist below:


  • 1. Did you participate in a district event last fall or recently in Chattanooga? Many of our state sports require district participation. If so, you are eligible to register.

NOTE: If your area did not host a district or your sport was not offered at your district, you are eligible to register. The districts of East (Knoxville area), South Central (Lawrenceburg area) and Southeast (Cleveland area) are ALL OPEN- all athletes in any sport are eligible to register.

  • 2. Are you an open sport athlete? If so, district participation is not required, and you are eligible to register. Open sports include:


Basketball 3x3



Disc Golf

Golf Scramble

Pole Vault


Road Races (5K/10K)


Triple Jump


Walks- 1500m Power Walk; 1500m Race Walk, 5K Race Walk

Any sport not offered at your district.


  • 3. Are you a first-time TN Senior Olympic athlete (never participated in a district or state event before)? You are permitted a one-time waiver from district participation and eligible to register.

  • 4. Did you have an injury or extenuating circumstance for missing your district? If so, you can complete a Hardship Form. Please click this link to view the form as well as additional information about the process.


The sports of:

  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • Racquetball
  • Softball
  • Volleyball

will be open to out-of-state residents.

Please spread the word to individuals and teams you might know in other states. As always, those living within 30 miles of the TN border are allowed in ALL sports.

How Do I Register? 

Online registration is available at www.tnseniorolympics.com

Click the red button in the upper corner.


June State Finals: May 10

Pickleball: July 19

Cycling: August 30

Athletes Register NOW!


To view a specific schedule per sport, please click the link below and select your sport as most dates and general start times have been set. 


Click here for Sports Information and Schedules




Golf Scramble

We are excited to announce the addition of a golf scramble! Form a team and join us for a fun outing perfect for mixed skill levels (each team player hits from the tee box, then the team members choose the best of the four shots for the next shot . All team members then play the second shot from that location etc).

This is a state open sport- district qualification is not necessary. The scramble will also be added to the 2025 Nationals as an open event.


Golf Scramble: 4 person- team scramble. Men's and Women's Divisions.

Teams will be required to find their own teammates and will be placed in the age division of the youngest player.

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 8:00 am shotgun start.

Venue Location:  Henry Horton State Park Golf Course

4358 Nashville Highway, Chapel Hill TN 37034

Cost: $80 per person. 

One Mile Run at the Road Races

Another wonderful addition will be the inclusion of a 1 mile run during our 5K road race! What an amazing opportunity and goal for those wanting to dip their toe into running but aren't ready for the 5K. Come run and participate in the one mile event on the beautiful course at Crockett Park in Williamson County. Medals will be awarded. Tell friends! This event will also be added to the 2025 Nationals as an open event.

Tuesday, June 25

Start time 7:30 am.


Golf- New Course

We are excited that Henry Horton State Park Golf Course will be hosting our golf scramble and tournament this year! The Buford Ellington championship golf course at Henry Horton State Park is one of the finest courses in the state of Tennessee.

The pro and staff at the course are very experienced and thrilled about hosting.


4358 Nashville Highway, Chapel Hill TN 37034

2024 Competition Dates: Scramble: Tuesday, June 18. Shotgun start.

Scratch Tournament: Wednesday, June 19 and Thursday, June 20.

Tee times will be set.

Table Tennis Moved to Monday 6/24

Due to the popularity and growth of cornhole which requires 2 gymnasiums, table tennis has been moved to Monday 6/24 in the larger gym at Academy Park. It has typically been held on Wednesday of the Games. Please take note.

Pickleball- 5th Division Added to State

We are excited that plans for pickleball at the Chattanooga Convention Center (32 courts) are solidly in place again this year, for August 7-11.   

Skill divisions by age group are as follows:

Division I:      4.5/5.0; Division II:  4.0; Division III:  3.5; Division IV:    3.0; Division V:     2.5

The first 4 divisions above match what Nationals will be using at the 2025 National Senior Games. However, we realize that the 2.5 division is very popular and desired to keep it.

Please note however, that only the top 4 athletes in each age group for divisions I-IV will qualify for Nationals.

Our TSO 5th division, the 2.5 group will not advance to Nationals. 

If you are a 2.5 player and wish to try to qualify for Nationals, please log in a 3.0 ranking when registering so that you will be placed in division IV, the 3.0 division. 

Hall of Fame Dinner and Ceremony Monday, 6/24

A recent survey about a TSO party during the state finals garnered very little interest.

However, we would like to invite those interested to join us for dinner as we celebrate those being inducted into the Tennessee Senior Olympics Hall of Fame! After the meal, a special program will be held including awards, speeches, and a slideshow. 

As the venue is limited in space and to allow for family and friends of the inductees, tickets will be limited to the first 75 people.

Cost: $15

Hall of Fame Dinner and Ceremony

Monday, June 24

6:00 pm

Williamson County Enrichment Center

Our committee will be meeting in April to study nominations and make decisions. Nominations for deserving athletes or volunteers who have greatly contributed to our program will be accepted until April 12, 2024. Nomination link:

Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Are you still needing accommodations? You can click here for hotel information.

A link for Pickleball hotels will be available mid-week at the same link above.




Consider using our interactive real-time partner/team finder. Visit TEAM | PARTNER FINDER and follow the instructions.

Note: ALL past years' doubles entries have been DELETED. If you still need a partner, please use to link above and add your name to the list.

Team | Partner Finder


The 2024 Tennessee Senior Olympics State Finals events will serve as qualifying opportunities for the 2025 Nationals.

 Top finalists at our state finals events will qualify for the 2025 National Senior Games scheduled for Des Moines, Iowa from July 24- August 4, 2025

After many years, the qualifying and hosting cycle has returned to the National Senior Games being held on odd years, with qualifying taking place on even years.

Basic qualifying info:

The top four places qualify in each age group in all sports with these exceptions:

Basketball, Softball, and Volleyball: 3 teams per age group qualify.

Golf, only the first place qualifies. Minimum performance scores may also qualify.

The 5K and 10K road races require that an athlete PARTICIPATE in the event, not place.

There will be many “OPEN” sports at Nationals that do not require state qualification. These include: free throw, 3-point, beach volleyball, billiards, cornhole, disc golf, golf scramble, one mile run at the road race, power lifting, power walk and soccer.

In addition, athletes meeting minimum performance scores in several sports involving time and score will be eligible as well as “bonus events” in swimming and running events.

The clearest way to study the qualification standard for your sport is to view your sport page within the National Senior Games Rulebook. Click here: National Senior Games Rules and Regulation Manual

NOTE regarding in-state qualifying for Tennessee residents:

Per National rules : "Each event allows for a specific number of qualifiers. If out-of-state residents qualify, they will NOT take away a qualifying spot from an in-state resident.

Here in Tennessee we may qualify the number of state residents specified for each event in addition to the out-of-state qualifiers.

For example, if a Tennessean places 5th in archery with 4th place going to a KY resident, BOTH would qualify- the Tennessean would be moved up.


For FORTY-FOUR years, BlueCross BlueShield has been our constant partner. Words cannot express our appreciation for this marvelous staff and organization. Thank you!

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