Wishing You A Happy & Healthy FM Awareness Day!
Let's Celebrate 20 Years of FM Awareness! 
It's been a long road and a lot of work put forth by the National Fibromyalgia Association's members, leaders and community to raise awareness among the public, government, our families, and even healthcare providers. But the work is paying off and fibromyalgia (FM) is now seen by the majority of people as a legitimate medical condition. It is now recognized by the Social Security Administration as a medically determinable impairment in disability cases. There are medications specifically for the treatment of FM and there is quite a bit of scientific research currently being done on this illness.

When our founder, Lynne Matallana, was finally diagnosed with FM in the mid-1990s, she had spent two years in bed and had seen 37 different doctors, many of whom referred her to a psychologist. Thanks to her advocacy work through the NFA, the road to diagnosis for most people these days isn't as long and difficult.

Although we still have pain, fatigue, depression and all the other rotten symptoms that come along with FM, we can still have hope, and that is something to celebrate! What is there to be hopeful about? Just take a look back into the history of the NFA and the fight for fibromyalgia awareness that so many amazing people have taken on over the years to make so much progress possible. We've come this far in 20 years, just imagine what more we can accomplish as we go forward!

To read about how the NFA was instrumental in designating May 12th as National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, click here.

To find out about upcoming Awareness Day and other FM events, visit the NFA's events page.

My 20-Year Journey with the NFA  
by Nancy Gordon, LCSW
Just one month after I was diagnosed with FM, I attended my first NFA conference. When I looked around at all the disability resource signs, I thought, "This is not for me-I will never go on disability."
Fast forward to the day I closed my practice, filed for disability, and moved in with my parents at the age of 44.
Four years later, the NFA became one of the biggest supporters of my mission to help others through my service dog, Toaster, a rare, ancient hairless breed, called Xoloitzcuintli. Toaster served as a live heating pad around my neck to relieve my pain through the heat emanating from her hairless belly.
Toaster was pregnant. Animal Planet was seeking to do a documentary on a pregnant dog. When they discovered the story about my dog, which I identified as the first service dog for chronic pain relief, they not only had a pregnant dog, but they also had a story on an alternative source of pain relief, and the placement of Toaster's puppies with people who had fibromyalgia.
Animal Planet contacted the NFA to ask for help in spreading the word about the puppies through their new FMAware magazine and newsletters. It was through the article the NFA published that I was able to find homes for Toaster's little 24/7-no-microwave-heating-pads.
This opportunity to help others brought hope and healing to me at a very low point in my disability journey. The community and support offered by the NFA and founder, Lynne Matallana, were fundamental to the changes that began to occur in my life at that time. I have since been transformed by many such moments of grace when I connect with another person who understands what I'm feeling.
I finally freed myself from looking at my life through the lens of my condition and have been en route to fulfilling my purpose ever since-living life fully. I'd like to pay it forward and show you how you can free yourself from being a "Health Hostage" to the "Chronic Illness Thief". Click here to read my article.

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New Living Wellness Campaign Coming Soon    
Something to look forward to is the upcoming Living Wellness Campaign, which offers useful information and resources from several prominent leaders in the pain community to help you feel better. This special project is a collaboration among the National Fibromyalgia Association, the Community Pain Center (CPC) and LifeVantage (a company specializing in products that help your cells repair and rejuvenate themselves so you can have more energy).
The campaign will include several short videos from each of our Living Wellness spokespersons, along with supplemental materials to support the tips and pain
"life hacks" they will share with you. All the videos and supporting materials, along with some other gifts, will be bundled into a Living Wellness Flip Book and offered FREE to every member of our pain community. Sign up below to be notified as soon as it's available.
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