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June 2015 Edition

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Happy Father's Day
Using Fixed Index Annuities for Retirement Income
Get the FACTS on this proven strategy for future income and financial protection for your retirement. Read more

Cash value life insurance is more valuable than people realize....
Cash value life insurance is the most important financial asset available, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

This is because it has the unique ability to combine safety, tax benefits, and leverage and longevity credits.   Read more...
A Note from the
Accounting Sleuth
In anticipation of some kind of a pullback, the scaremongers are back on their hobbyhorse.

"The Investors Intelligence Bull/Bear Ratio is at 3.20, and any reading above 3.0 predicts imminent disaster." Read more
How do you see retirement?
"Retirement represents a fundamental shift in your life. Doesn't it make sense for your retirement strategy to have a fundamental shift as well?"

- Rick Alford
Market Linked CD June Offerings

FACTS: A deposit of $100,000.00...

  • 5.75 years ago - now worth $153,580.00 (9.32% APY)
  • 7 years ago - now worth $187,000.00 (12.43% APY)
  • 10 years ago - now worth $316,690.00 (21.67% APY)

FDIC Insured Market Linked CD Highlights... 

  • 401k, IRA, 403b, ROTH all qualify!
  • Diversified exposer to 7 different asses classes.
  • Uncapped interest at maturity.

Market-Linked CDs (MLCD) offer principal protection, FDIC insurance and potentially higher interest rates than typical CD's. Instead of a low fixed-rate, MLCDs offer variable interest generated by the performance of the Stocks, Commodities, Currencies or Index, it is linked to.


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Are You  Gambling With Your Retirement?  
An independent nationwide survey found: 

* 54% percent of Americans have never spoken with a financial adviser. 

* Confidence in traditional retirement support is weakening. Only 26% of people between 18 and 34 plan to rely on Social Security.

* Nearly 75% of those 55 and older said they plan to work past age 67 for financial reasons.

* Only 41% of those ages 54 and under plan to retire before 67. 
Retirement Planning Choices Can Be Overwhelming...  
How could an Indexed Universal Life policy work for you?
Rick Alford, CRP, CEO
Retirement Solutions