This is just one of the ways the Council and its members were able to G.I.V.E. (Gift, Impact, Value, and Elements) in 2021.
GIFT. The Gift that keeps giving is NIH Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center’s (NITAAC) prestigious CIO-SP3 21 HUBZone Awards. Over the last year, government agencies used this mechanism to help meet their socioeconomic
contracting goals awarding millions of dollars to
HUBZone companies.

Since 1997, the HUBZone program has never met its
goals nationally. The Biden Administration is seeking to change that narrative by meeting all its small business goals. Agencies all over the federal government are considering this Best-in-Class Government-Wide Acquisition Contract vehicle to streamline their procurement process while meeting their HUBZone goals for FY22.

Thus, the future looks really bright for the following
Council’s members who have this contract vehicle.

Click Logo to the right for Members on the
CIO-SP3 HUBZone Vehicle.

IMPACT. These CIO-SP3 awards have helped to provide jobs to urban and rural communities fueling business growth in multiple states including MD, VA, DC, TX, MN, GA, NC, and CA. They have created or saved 100s of jobs while helping federal agencies to buy high-quality information technology services faster, more easily and more affordable. In FY21, over $82M was obligated to HUBZone businesses on the
NITAAC CIO-SP3 Small Business GWAC.

VALUE. CIO-SP3 Small Business Contract Holders have gone through a rigorous source selection process prior to award, ensuring the pool of contractors is the best-of-the-best, resulting in significant savings in time, money, and resources. Ceiling rates were negotiated at the Master Contract level ensuring that all clients started with the most cost-competitive rates. HUBZone awardees continue to offer streamlined ordering and processing, saving agencies both time and money.
ELEMENT. This BIC vehicle period of performance is 10/31/2022 which could be extended as much as 60 months beyond the expiration of the GWAC. The gift that keeps giving! A wide range of IT services spanning across ten task areas for 137 labor categories. NITAAC Support is staffed by people backed by a team of FAC-C (Level III) Digital Service certified Contracting Officers. Proposals within 24 hours and average 45-day Procurement Action Lead Times[email protected] or CIO-SP3 Small Business | NITAAC (
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