Week 7: April 19 2021
UNMC 21-week Racial Equity Challenge
Welcome to the 21-week Racial Equity Challenge
Diversity scholar Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. [eddiemoorejr.com] created the 21-Day Challenge concept to promote a deeper understanding of race, power, privilege, supremacy, and oppression. The UNMC Department of Medicine has modified this challenge to create a 21-week program in collaboration with the Office of Inclusion. You can subscribe to receive weekly emails with suggested articles, podcasts, and webinars that will help you raise awareness, compassion, understanding, and engagement towards racial equity. You can get a lapel pin from the Office of Inclusion that will represent your commitment towards working towards racial equity and understanding the experience of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who are your colleagues, friends, patients, and community members Track your progress here.
In this documentary, director Assia Boundaoui, explores her Arab American neighbors' experiences in being surveilled by the government over the last decade. Assia uncovers “Operation Vulgar Betrayal," one of the largest counterterrorism investigations before 9/11. Assia struggles to disrupt the government secrecy and takes the FBI to federal court to compel them to make the records they collected about her community public. While grappling with the effects of a lifetime of surveillance on herself and family, Assia pieces together this secret FBI operation.
Celebrating Arab American Heritage. In this episode of Culture Stew, Luby Ismail of Connecting cultures is interviewed. Arab Americans come from over twenty different countries and cultures, and often face discrimination in the United States. Luby Ismail, a well renowned advocate and educator on Arab and Muslim identity, describes strategies she uses to train police in regards to implicit bias and also speaks about her experiences with disability.
National Arab American Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Arab American's history, contributions, and culture. Arab Americans have ancestry in one of 22 Arab nations and practice many different religions; in fact, only 25% practice Islam. In honor of National Arab American Heritage Month, ShareAmerica highlights five notable Arab Americans making their mark in the United States and beyond.