Week 13: May 31 2021
UNMC 21-week Racial Equity Challenge
Welcome to the 21-week Racial Equity Challenge
Diversity scholar Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. [eddiemoorejr.com] created the 21-Day Challenge concept to promote a deeper understanding of race, power, privilege, supremacy, and oppression. The UNMC Department of Medicine has modified this challenge to create a 21-week program in collaboration with the Office of Inclusion. You can subscribe to receive weekly emails with suggested articles, podcasts, and webinars that will help you raise awareness, compassion, understanding, and engagement towards racial equity. You can get a lapel pin from the Office of Inclusion that will represent your commitment towards working towards racial equity and understanding the experience of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who are your colleagues, friends, patients, and community members Track your progress here.
Mental Health of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Communities in the Time of Covid. This three-part webinar series addresses the impact of historical and present-day trauma and social injustice on Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities and its impact on mental health. This series provides self-care and long-term community engagement strategies to address mental health within our organizations and beyond.
Advancing LGBTQ+ Rights in South Asian Communities with Aruna Rao. Aruna Rao is a community mental health advocate, grassroots organizer, speaker and writer that aims to improve access to mental healthcare for LGBTQ+, Asian, and Immigrant communities. She is currently an Associate Director at the National Alliance on Mental Illness of New Jersey (NAMI NJ) and the founder of SAMHAJ (the first program in the USA to provide support and education for South Asian Americans affected by mental illness). She has been instrumental in developing programs for immigrants affected by mental illness in New Jersey. As the proud mother of a queer and transgender child, Aruna is passionate about advancing LGBTQ+ rights and she speaks about family acceptance in community and professional settings. She recognizes the urgent need for family acceptance of LGBTQ+ people in API and South Asian communities and is dedicated to creating a loving, inclusive world where LGBTQ+ people are welcomed into community spaces. Aruna serves on the steering committee of API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC, and is the founder of Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies, a group developed to support South Asian parents of LGBTQ+ children.
A Timeline of Chinese Migration into Omaha.. This article explores the historic migration of Chinese Americans into Omaha, which began indirectly during the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s when Omaha had only 14 Chinese residents. Showcasing the earliest documentation of this migration is an illustration of Chinese railroad laborers crossing the frozen Missouri River with Omaha’s sparse skyline in the background—including the old Territorial Capitol Building, now the site of Central High School.