Week 20 July 26, 2021
UNMC 21-week Racial Equity Challenge
Welcome to the 21-week Racial Equity Challenge
Diversity scholar Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. [eddiemoorejr.com] created the 21-Day Challenge concept to promote a deeper understanding of race, power, privilege, supremacy, and oppression. The UNMC Department of Medicine has modified this challenge to create a 21-week program in collaboration with the Office of Inclusion. You can subscribe to receive weekly emails with suggested articles, podcasts, and webinars that will help you raise awareness, compassion, understanding, and engagement towards racial equity. You can get a lapel pin from the Office of Inclusion that will represent your commitment towards working towards racial equity and understanding the experience of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who are your colleagues, friends, patients, and community members Track your progress here.
Rattling the Bars: The case of the Omaha two. Eddie Conway speaks with freelance journalist Kietryn Zychal about Edward Poindexter, a prisoner in Omaha that was sentenced for murder of Larry Minard in the 1970s. Poindexter was one of the founders of Omaha's United Front Against Fascism, formerly a chapter of the Black Panther Party. Many believe that Poindexter was wrongfully convicted. Zychal discusses faults in the evidence that led to the conviction of Ed Poindexter and advocates for him being released from prison.
COVID-19 is raging in prisons. Why are America's aging political prisoners still behind bars? Ed Poindexter has remained in prison for over 40 years, and his niece Ericka Payne discusses the struggle to get her uncle released. Mr. Poindexter has many medical ailments at this time including end stage renal disease, heart disease, cataracts, and mobility issues.
Freedom for Ed Poindexter. Wrongful convictions are life-altering experiences with lifelong consequences. Though many believe Ed Poindexter to be innocent, he has remained in custody since he was arrested in Omaha in August of 1970. Please read this article to learn more about his story.