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LOY Celebrates Its 12th Year Anniversary
21 June 2017, 15.40 - 18.40 GMT/ 08.40 - 11.40 PST
The International Day Of Yoga, 6th Edition Online

       Dear friend, you are cordially invited to celebrate with us, the 12th anniversary of LiveOnlineYoga, during this season's new series of events (webinars, courses and celebrations) that are being offered, free of charge! 
         On this paramount occasion, The International Day of Yoga, you will rejoice in the 3 hours practice of Integral Yoga within the LiveOnlineYoga community and in unison with thousands of yogis from our international school.  This will be the 6th edition of the online celebration of the International Day of Yoga. 
S tudents of all backgrounds are invited, present, former, as well as novices!

A limited number of seats are available for this webinar. Please reserve your seat now by writing us an email to: 

The 12th anniversary of LiveOnlineYoga is a spiritual milestone and we would like to express our gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts, to all those who have helped and supported us, over the past twelve years! 
The International Day Of Yoga - 6th Edition: 
Detailed Webinar AGENDA - 3 Hours

I.  Practice: 
  • 15.45 - 17.00 GMT/ 8.45 - 10.00 PST: HATHA YOGA 
  • 17:00 - 17:10 GMT/ 10:00 - 10:10 am PST: HAM-SA BREATHING
  • 17:15 - 17:30 GMT/ 10:15 - 10:30 am PST: A complete yogi RELAXATION
  • 17.30 - 18.15 GMT/ 10.30 - 11.15 PST: The MEDITATION annually performed in the celebration of The International Day of Yoga
    • The state of spiritual unity in diversity of all yoga practitioners worldwide 
  • 18.22 - 18.30 GMT/ 11.22 - 11.30 PST: "Heart of the world" PRAYER
    • Spiritual communion with the soul of Planet Earth
    • Download link
II. Dialog 
International Day of Yoga Logo
On 11 December 2014 the United Nations adopted a resolution (co-sponsored by more than 170 Member States) to commemorate the International Day of Yoga.
As coordinator of this project, ATMAN - The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation invites individuals and students from all yoga schools worldwide to join in love, acceptance and spiritual union in celebration of this special day, which coincides with the Summer Solstice on Wednesday 21 June 2017.

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half Lord of the Fish pose
Classes  Open in September
Our spiritual platform is for yoga beginners as well as practitioners who are bound by the limitations of a busy life, children, business travel or long commutes, that keep you away from your yoga classes. We provide live yoga classes all in the convenience of your home or your home away from  home, wherever you are with internet access.

The curriculum of the LiveOnlineYoga classes follows the one year programs of the largest yoga school in Europe - MISA (Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute) taught live, in weekly scheduled classes online under the watchful eye of a well trained yoga teacher.

The LiveOnlineYoga students also benefits from the opportunity to review classes from their previous years of study, to recover missed classes from both the practical parts as well as the new lessons and to rejoice in the uniqueness of a private online community.

In addition to the special classes designed for the online environment, we offer to our students the possibility to join for FREE, spiritual celebrations and events in unison with their colleagues from the various local yoga centers of our international school.

The LiveOnlineYoga platform keeps students informed about the local events of our school worldwide; camps, workshops, artistic and spiritual events and warmly encourages them to attend whenever they can.

Please register via email at: 

   or you can express your wish to join a LiveOnlineYoga class directly at our FREE webinars!
Upcoming FREE Live Webinars and Celebrations
Both yogis and novices are welcome to attend the LiveOnlineYoga spiritual events and join our international online community: 
  • 21 June 2017:            The International Day  of Yoga
 D etails to be announced.

The LiveOnlineYoga students also have the possibility to attend integral yoga webinars especially offered to them only and FREE of charge!

Limited number of seats available!
Please reserve your seat now by writing us an email to:

Upcoming Yoga Retreats in Romania
You are kindly invited to attend the international yoga retreats offered by the largest yoga school in Europe to thousands of yogis as well as novices annually. 

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New Testimonials
"Yaaaaaaay, we have reached to the tapas on Ajna!
The past 98 days have been really exciting for me. I have become so brave, so much more confident, outspoken and finally stepped out of my comfort zone to share myself and my knowledge with the world.
I believe strongly that the future of communication lies in human-to-human, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul bonds and therefore I decided to become visible, both online and in my surroundings, by being ME, bravely, just the way I am. After peeling layers and layers of limiting beliefs, I know now that I am enough, I understand that not everybody will like me and that exactly that is totally fine. Those who will, those who share my values, will be MY PEOPLE, my tribe.
It was for me time to define what those values are, what I stand for, what I believe in, what my message to the world is, what is the diamond that I have to share with others, the time to choose who to lose because being surrounded with the right people, makes all the difference in the world.
One very big thing I did is to ASK FOR HELP. This was never easy for me but now I did it, the wish for a LEAP was so strong that I simply could not bare to stay in the same place anymore. Today, I not only have my tribe, but I also work with 5 female coaches who each guide me in what their specialty is. My budget is zero but it is all working out, I have no idea how! The magic of making the step, moving the energy, is in place!
There is still a lot of work to do, but now it is more about action, execution, sharpening the focus, putting the structure together, polishing the diamond, resolving all remaining confusion and discomfort. And we just started the tapases on Ajna and Dhumavati yesterday! I don't remember being as excited about what lies ahead as I am today.
- G. A, 6th year student, CH

"Thank you, Virginia. This presentation on SVARA YOGA was a great reminder for me." 
- A. A, 7th year student, FI

"Saturday morning course was very beautiful. I'm glad I've attended it as I was really needing those notions!"
- S. S, 14th year student, DK
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