Beginning in 2015, I began publishing a list of ways to improve your life. Last year I published, “Twenty-One Ways to Improve Your Life in 2021.” The year before that I published “Twenty Ways to Improve Your Life in 2020.” You get the idea. The tradition continues this year, with the addition of No. 22.

New Year’s resolutions often lose their power so quickly and completely that they have become cliché. But there are real, easily achieved ways to positively impact your life beginning this first week of January.

Here are 22 ways to unlock personal power in 2022. They aren’t in any particular order, so you can pick any one to start with.

If you complete just five, you’ll notice a demonstrable improvement in your existence. But if you get through nine of them, you could remake your life.

Try to recall one dream you had as a kid – whether it was being a poet or a rock drummer or a multimillionaire stock trader – and take just a single step in that direction.

Think of your life story, going all the way back to infancy, as an autobiographical book that you can hold in your hands.

Write out a thoughtful, healing, motivating message to yourself and read it every morning. 

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