223,000 Pound Expansion Joint Leads to Creative Shipping and Installation Solutions
At Gerald Desmond Bridge, preparation begins for massive joint installation
D.S. Brown’s involvement in the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project in Long Beach, Calif., is coming full circle as we prepare for the installation of our swivel expansion joints. The bridge is being redone to accommodate the heights of larger cargo ships, as well as better maintain traffic flow by offering three traffic lanes in each direction and a pedestrian walkway/bicycle access on the south side of the bridge.

D.S. Brown is manufacturing four swivel joints for this project, which are designed to protect the bridge from demanding structural movements. The first joint has recently been received at the project site and the second is scheduled to be delivered in another month. The joints designed for this project are considered extraordinary in their size.

To keep in perspective what is being built, one swivel joint is 58 feet long by 20 feet wide and weighs 223,000 pounds. The joints are manufactured at our Ohio facility allowing for complete quality control, inspection and testing of each joint.

The path these joints follow from design to delivery is not always straight forward. While manufacturing a
joint of this size can be a production challenge due to the immense size and weight, transporting it from Ohio to California adds yet another piece to the puzzle. Due to the extreme weight of the swivel joint, it is too heavy to lift and transport in one piece. While building the first joint, it was determined that the best transportation solution was to disassemble and ship it in multiple truck loads. The joint was taken apart and distributed over four trucks – one of which was an over length/over width/overweight truck.

The whole fabrication process has been a rewarding challenge,” said Tyler Wight, Production Manager, The D.S. Brown Company. “We are working with components that aren’t typical in how they move and function within an expansion joint. On top of that, there’s the immense size and weight of the finished product. Our team members met those challenges head on and did an outstanding job.”

When it’s time for installation on the bridge, D.S. Brown technicians will be present to perform the reassembly of the joint at the construction site. The assembly will occur close to where the joint needs to be placed, and when assembled, the contractor will install the joint into the hinge. Onsite cranes will be used to assemble the joint sections and then place it. All of this occurs on the bridge, 200 feet above the water. The entire installation of one joint is anticipated to take around five days.

“It’s been fun and challenging working on this project,” said Wight. “It’s exciting to be a part of something of this size and stature. We look forward to taking on more projects like this in the future.”
Product Focus
Swivel Expansion Joint Assembly for Demanding Locations
For joint locations that produce demanding structural movements, use the Maurer System™ Swivel Expansion Joint Assembly. The Maurer System is designed for use on long-span structures, structures located in seismic zones and curved structures. Additionally, structures with differential longitudinal movements (caused by wind, thermal and seismic conditions) or differential vertical movements, and structures with anticipated substructure settlement will benefit from this expansion joint.

The Maurer System has proven it can handle more than the conventional large movement expansion devices, which have limited longitudinal movements and transverse displacement. The Maurer System is available in the United States through an exclusive license agreement between D.S. Brown and Maurer Sohne, Munich, Germany.
Company News
Greg Spillane Joins D.S. Brown
The D.S. Brown Company is pleased to introduce Greg Spillane as the Director of New Product Development. In this role Greg has responsibility for the product development team, ongoing development and implementation of product strategies, as well as championing the stage gate process. He will be working with sales to further understand market needs, as well as the voice of the customer, and he will continue to drive the innovation platform for The D.S. Brown Company.

As a market research expert, Greg has 30 years of experience working with Motorola and Zebra Technologies, helping to deliver profitability while fostering innovation and sustainable value. 
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