The 22nd San Francisco Documentary Film Festival (SF DocFest) will be held June 1 - 11, 2023 as a hybrid of virtual screenings and live presentations. 35 films will screen at the Roxie Theater, 3117 16th Street in San Francisco. Most of the in-person screenings held at the Roxie Theater will also include live Q&A sessions with filmmakers and film subjects.

Check out 85 excellent new non-fiction films at the Roxie Theater and virtually where ever you watch movies. Here are some highlights:

Opening Night: 26.2 to Life

Filmed inside California’s oldest state prison, 26.2 to Life explores the transformative power of San Quentin’s 1000 Mile Club, in which incarcerated men train for and run a marathon on the dirt and concrete path circling the prison yard.


Opening Night: Fantastic Negrito: Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

Iconoclastic Bay Area bluesman Fantastic Negrito faces his demons as he records his third Grammy-winning album. Digging deep into his turbulent past, he searches to answer the question: in a sick society, how do you keep from going crazy?


Centerpiece: How To Have An American Baby

There is a city in Southern California that is teeming with pregnant women from China. How to Have An American Baby is a kaleidoscopic voyage, told through multiple perspectives, into the booming shadow economy of Chinese birth tourism that has taken over the Chinese enclaves of Los Angeles County.

Closing Night Film: Black Barbie

Through intimate access to a charismatic Mattel insider, Beulah Mae Mitchell, Black Barbie delves into the cross section of merchandise and representation as Black women strive to elevate their own voices and stories, refusing to be invisible.


Closing Night: Satan Wants You

The story of how the Satanic Panic of the 1980s was ignited by "Michelle Remembers", a memoir by psychiatrist and his patient. The book relied on recovered-memory therapy to uncover Michelle's abduction by baby-stealing Satanists.


Prince's Birthday Sing-A-Long Party!

Join us Saturday June 3 at the Roxie Theater for a program of 25 years of Prince and Prince-Adjacent music videos, supplied with lyrics for your sing-a-long enjoyment.