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Volume 12
June 2016


   Top 25 Most Influential Organizations in   
         Philanthropy & Charitable Giving



          Philanthropy Media & Michael Chatman Network's Top 25 Most Influential Organizations in Philanthropy, Social
                         Innovation & Civic Engagement

Jacki Zehner, Chief Engagement Officer, Women Moving Millions (pictured above) leads one of America's Most Influential Organizations in Charitable Giving. Visit Jacki Zehner's websites: and
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Philanthropy Media and Michael Chatman Network released its list of the Most Influential Organizations in Philanthropy, Social Innovation and Civic Engagement, and the list is impressive.
Stanford Social Innovation Review is a major force in advancing strategic philanthropy initiatives impacting the social sector. Council on Foundations, even with changes to its business model, continues to drive social change through public policy initiatives.
Charity Navigator, Guidestar and BBB Wise Giving Alliance are leaders in charity evaluation. Exponent Philanthropy and Global Philanthropy Forum are experts in community philanthropy.
Independent Sector and The Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University are some of the leaders in strategic philanthropy.
Impact 100 Global and Women Donors Network are icons in creating networks for women to learn philanthropy and harness their collective giving power.
Here is the full list of organizations on the Philanthropy Media & Michael Chatman Network list:

1. Stanford Social Innovation Review

2. Independent Sector

3. Council on Foundations

4. Guidestar

5. Charity Navigator

6. The Forum of Regional Association of Grantmakers

7. BBB Wise Giving Alliance

8. Women Moving Millions

9. Global Philanthropy Forum

10. Exponent Philanthropy

11. Philanthropy Roundtable

12. The Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University

13. American Institute of Philanthropy

14. National Center for Family Philanthropy

15. National Council of Nonprofit Association

16. Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

17. Partnership for Philanthropic Planning

18. Family Firm Institute

19. Great Nonprofits

20. The Philanthropic Initiative

21. The Philanthropy Workshop

22. Social Impact Exchange

23. Impact 100 Global

24. Women Donors Network

25. Global Giving

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