Black History Walks Newsletter 30.8.2018
Black history is longer than a month...
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17 years of Education Through Film
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'The studios aren't lining up to make films about black protagonists, black people being autonomous and independent'. Ava Duvernay.
'Mainstream media is not interested in showing positive images of black people, so we have to do for self. How often do you see Sisters like these in a movie, on a billboard or even just reading the news ?' Dawn Marine
10 years of African Odysseys special events: Black and Banned season

Our grassroots-led ,unique African Odysseys programme has been showcasing positive Black films once a month, every month ,for more than ten years at the BFI Southbank. In September/October 2018 we are proud to present 25 films that were literally banned or otherwise suppressed by the mainstream. We will show why and how the oppressive system works and pay homage to those actors,directors and producers who never got the credit they deserved. We will also be hosting educational workshops and Q&A sessions. There are too many films/events to list in this one newsletter, indeed some events have already sold out but you can see several highlights below .View the full list HERE .We will issue another newsletter in ten days.

The 10 Years of African Odysseys lecture has sold out with 400 people wanting a seat.The session reviews facts and figures as to why and how Black films have a hard time being produced, distributed and screened; and the impact on communities around the world. We may repeat this session at a bigger venue if we get more than 20 requests to

Two Gentlemen Sharing has sold out for 1st September but there is another screening HERE. Large crowds are expected for the Spook who sat by the Door HERE possibly because the FBI went around destroying copies of it in 1973 .

Virtually unknown is the Save the Children Film . This is not surprising as the well known aid agency literally banned the documentary in 1965 after they paid legendary director Ken Loach to make it.This is only its second screening. The problem was Mr Loach included too many Kenyans and Ugandans who told the truth HERE

Body Contact a film about a Black British Civil war will equally not ring bells as it was snuffed out due to its revolutionary message HERE

Black British and Banned is an all day event focused on Black British Civil Rights struggles of the 1980's. We have three powerful documentaries, plus a discussion with the people who were in or made the films. Made in 1978, Blacks Britannica narrates the struggles of Black communities in Bradford, Manchester and London. In 1981, Menelik Shabazz responded to bias and exclusion in the British media with Blood Ah Go Run, a documentary about the Black People’s Day of Action march, a protest following a deliberate house fire in New Cross that claimed 13 young lives. In 1985, Ceddo Film and Video Workshop produced The People’s Account Broadwater Farm. The Independent Broadcasting Authority demanded changes, and when the filmmakers refused it was pulled from the schedules HERE.

There is much ,much more. Full details HERE . You can also check out our award-winning walks and talks below.

Please pass on to like minds as some of these films will never be shown again.
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Above: 3 hour event for adults and kids showcasing black superheroes (including 80 women) plus real Black history facts. Click image for details
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