Dual Channel,
RF Record & Playback System

Available from Aspen Electronics Ltd, X-COM Systems' IQC5255B is the industry's smallest high-fidelity dual channel RF Record & Playback System. With up to 255MHz of record and playback bandwidth per channel, it is  the latest model that increases signal-capture bandwidth capability to address the increasingly demanding requirements for evaluating the performance of today's electronic warfare, radar, and communication systems.

When used together with X-Com's latest version of SpectroX software (V5)  and a premium signal analyser it provides the most integrated, comprehensive, high-performance solution for capturing, analysing, and characterizing signals over periods from seconds to days with 16 bits of resolution at carrier frequencies up to 50 GHz with 100% probability of intercept.

  • Compact: Only 12 x 3.5 x 10.5 in (30.5 x 8.7 x 26.7cm) suitable for field or lab/production environments.
  • SpectroX analysis software allows playback and detailed analysis of the recorded capture.
  • Can continuously record, store, and play back more than 50 minutes of uninterrupted IQ data from a single channel at its full 255 MHz bandwidth, or two time-synchronous channels of 160-MHz bandwidth.
  • More than 3 hours can be recorded at full bandwidth by adding external data packs up to a total of 15 Tbytes,
  • Dual-channel record and playback makes it possible for users to note differences in timing between the two data streams to evaluate overall system performance.
Typical applications include recording, storing, and playing back RF signals for 
  • in-depth spectrum monitoring and management, 
  • resilience testing and validation for existing or new products, 
  • threat analysis and creation of signature libraries, 
  • radar system validation in the laboratory, on a test range or at it's place of use.