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Crafted Decor started off as a dried flower shop (3 locations ago) where I ran classes, took crafts on consignment, and created floral arrangements. I had help of my then boyfriend, Tony - who believed in me enough to bail me out and pay my rent regularly during the first 4 years; and my mom, who for years bundled dried flowers, priced all our Christmas stock, and folded and stuffed thousands of envelops when our newsletters where on paper (pre-internet).

There have been MANY changes and challenges along the way, the retail industry has suffered many blows and I have seen large retailers, independent colleagues, and many suppliers shut down. However, none of that experience has prepared me for the current challenge. While I wish I could hold an event to celebrate this milestone and to thank you in person, this is not the time to gather. We have a strict protocol in place and only allow 5 customers in the store at a time; so I am asking your support in other ways (you will see the online discounts - NOT available instore further below). It has taken many months but I am very proud of our NEW website; this Shopify platform is easy to use and you can shop for pickup, have your order shipped to you, OR ship directly to friends and family. Items are added as they arrive.

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Alot of customers have been inquiring about our Christmas Open House - please see the details at the bottom of this newsletter.
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Since 2020 has been such an unpredictable year, many customers have been wanting to shop for Christmas early.

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Maison Berger
Maison Berger has a 120+ year history of purifying the air in your home and removing household odours from cooking, smoking, pets, neighbouring units (a must have for condo dwellers), and more.
A TOP SELLER for almost 2 decades, now more than ever, customers who have been using it for years for its deodorizing capabilities, are also using it for its original intended use - removing 68% of airborne bacteria.

This year, Maison Berger Canada has once again partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to create this gorgeous limited edition Gift Set from which $3 from each sale goes to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Stay tuned for our social media giveaway! You will be able to tag a friend to nominate them (and yourself) to win this gift set.

Gift set includes a 180ml Lavender Fields fuel.
For those of you NEW to the world of Lampe Berger, and for the many customers who gift it, there is a great new starter kit available. If you bought the components for this kit separately, it would be much more than $49.

Discover the Lampe Berger Essentielle Oval Gift Set with its new Lampe shape. The oval, flexible and transparent design of this catalysis lamp allows it to easily blend into any decor. Comes with Ocean Breeze and Neutral fragrances.
Seasonal scents come in these convenient trio packs so you can try them all (and a great value too - 540ml total for the price of 500ml).

DID YOU KNOW... because all Lampe Berger scents are highly concentrated, there is actually a total of 84 hours of fragrance in these trio packs. Also, for those of you who do not like a lot of scent - there is NEUTRAL fuel (unscented that you can use on its own, or to dilute down a fragrance).

The Warm Trio Pack includes: Orange Cinnamon, New Orleans, Vanilla Gourmet (180ml/each).
The Autumn Trio Pack includes Pumpkin Delight, Red Berries, and Home Sweet Home (180ml/each).
Autumn Trio Pack


What is more relaxing and welcoming than the smell of a real wood fire? These Crackling Wood Fire Soy candles have an authentic wood fire scent - no fireplace required. The wood wick also makes a gentle crackling sound effect too.

Now available in two sizes:
8oz - 60 hours
12oz - 100 hours

Made in Canada 🍁 ⠀
Crackling Wood Fire Wood Wick Soy Candle
Beekman 1802 - Farm to Skin
A NEW shipment has just arrived with all your favourites restocked. Experience the farm to skin difference. Like all their soaps and skincare products, at Beekman 1802 they try to eliminate harmful chemicals while featuring botanically based ingredients from farms - not labs.
Beekman 1802 Favourite Fragrance Gift Set
Love Beekman1802 but can't decide on which product to get as a gift? Well Beekman has created this gift set in their top selling fragrance with their top selling products.

5 piece set includes: 9oz bar of soap, 2oz hand cream, 2oz lip balm, 80z body cream and face wipes. Available in Honeyed Grapefruit.

Retail value is $55.
Beekman 1802 2oz Hand Creams (8 Scents)
Beekman 1802 hand creams have been a huge seller during COVID. Goat milk as a key ingredient, plus shea butter to help naturally moisturize and nourish the hands.

Available Scents: Pure Goat Milk (unscented), Vanilla Absolute, Fig Leaf, Honeyed Grapefruit, Honey & Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Oakmoss, and Arcadia.
Packed with goat milk, and finished with nourishing coconut oil and shea butter, Beekman 1802 hand salves offer thorough moisture, to soothe and protect all skin types.
Beekman 1802 Honeyed Grapefruit Hand Salve
Beekman 1802 Pure Goat Milk Hand Salve
Beekman 1802 Honey & Orange Blossom Hand Salve
Goat milk and essential oils in these triple-milled (stays hard) bar soaps help create a rich, creamy lather that cleanses and moisturizes your body especially during these dry winter months. Suitable for all skin types, in fragrances for men and women. Also, the fabulous packaging makes it an ideal gift.

Available scents include:Pure Goat Milk (unscented), Honey & Orange Blossom, Honeyed Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Meadow Lark, Snow Forest, Davesforth, Oakmoss, and Fig Leaf.
Beekman 1802 9oz Bar Soaps (9 Scents)
See more benefits of goat's milk here.
Farmhouse Fresh
Farm House Fresh products are professional products used in spa treatments in some of the best spas in North America. Made with homegrown ingredients, from farm to skin, and are up to 99.6% natural.
  • Everything is Paraben & Sulfate FREE 
  • Fragrances are all phthalate free  
  • Most are vegan
  • No animal testing (PETA Cruelty Free Certified)

And if that were not enough, your purchase helps rescue and care for forgotten, neglected, and abused farm animals that come to live on their sanctuary that is located right there on the farm.
farmhouse fresh
This chocolate mask is a skin softener, wrinkle defender and skin revitalizer - picked by USA Today as a top gift for chocolate lovers. A natural, blended active face mask with soothing wholesome ingredients like cocoa, coconut milk and honey in addition to powerhouse enzymes that boost your natural defences against the look of wrinkles and sagging - including CoQ10, Live Carrot Fruit Cells and Ginseng Extract. This mask leaves your face feeling tight, smooth, and radiant.
Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Face Mask Jar
Farmhouse Fresh Blissed Moon Dip Body Mousse 8 oz
This Back to Youth Ageless Body Mousse has gorgeous, powder-soft texture that is simply magical, and matched by its delivery of uncompromising youth from top performing peptides that visibly firm the look of skin over time. It loves neck lines and sun-kissed chests, arms, and legs, smoothing the look of wrinkles and dull, uneven textures.

Used in prestigious spas around the world.
Overnight Super Antioxidant Recovery Serum

Get ready to wine down! This power food serum was developed to deliver such a wealth of vitamins and antioxidants, we just had to prove it. Clinically tested, to establish its antioxidant load compared to a leading department store moisturizer. Wine Down® is a dream! Showing 5.8 times more antioxidant capacity – that’s 5.8 times the hero worker bees that help reduce environmental and oxidative stresses to your skin.

InStyle Magazine selected Wine Down® as one of the best products for serious skin repair.
Farmhouse Fresh Wine Down Serum 1 oz
Michel Design Works
These foaming pump soaps are finally back in stock in your favourite everyday scents. One thing that many people have found out during these COVID months is that using a quality hand soap will really make a difference to your skin. The generous size of the foaming hand soap proves you can offer great value without sacrificing quality. Plus it contains luxurious shea butter and aloe vera for gentle cleansing and moisturizing.
Michel Design Works Honey Almond Foaming Hand Soap
Michel Design Works Lavender Rosemary Foaming Soap
Michel Design Works Lemon Basil Foaming Soap
Cuisivin Snak Carafe

Always a top seller, now more useful than ever as we become more conscious of sharing.
Snak Carafes are an elegant, hygienic and ergonomic way to serve nuts and snacks instead of a communal bowl - perfect for gatherings and get togethers.
  • Share snacks on-the-go when traveling
  • Also makes a great carafe for wine
  • Full colour gift tube - a perfect gift idea
  • 2 sizes available: small (10oz), and large (25 oz)
"Swanky" is back...
Here comes the masterpiece of your kitchen! This elegant ladle will fancy up any dinner. Floating with grace, balanced like a ballerina, "Swanky" will help you stay on top of your soup.
  • Made by the Design Awarded Studio OTOTO
  • 100% Food Safe. BPA Free. Dishwasher Safe.
  • Balanced to stay upright and afloat in liquid and on counter tops
  • comes in great packaging (with soup recipe).
  • a great gift for the cook
Swanky Floating Ladle
Barloga Studios
megan markle
Nest Study #1
YES our customers noticed!
Megan Markle made an appearance on America's Got Talent last week and what artist does she have hanging in prominence? Barloga Studios!
The beauty of mother nature is captured in all their work. Crafted Decor is one of only a few stores in Canada to carry it! The pieces are created on handmade paper that is suspended on the wall using an exclusive leather strap and wall brace.

This father-son duo Dennis and Roy Barloga have been working together in their shared San Leandro, California studio for more than two decades. Though they wound their ways through different artistic pursuits, the Barlogas have come together and are currently collaborating on a collection of prints that combines traditional fine photography, modern printing techniques, and unusual and intriguing papers and materials. The result is unmistakably their own.
Houston Llew
Another great artist is coming to Crafted Decor.

Spiritiles are handmade art pieces focused on creating uplifting and inspirational moments. Using glass fused to metal (a special form of enameling) these tiles are sure to become a great gift resource, and art collection for our customers. AND we are the ONLY retailer in Canada.
Pictures do not do them justice, as they cannot capture the dimensions in the surface.

The first shipment should be arriving in the next week - stay tuned to our social media and website for details!
Swellegant Kitty Cat

Explore all the quirky cuteness from Jellycat - the softest toys you have ever hugged, cuddled and adored. Established in London in 1999, they are irresistibly cuddly, sophisticatedly silly, hilariously humorous - a perfect gift for all ages.

All plush toys are rigorously tested to, and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3 for all ages. Some styles such as swellegant are not recommended for ages less than 12 months due to fibres shedding.

More styles, characters and colours available.
Your little one’s struggle to reach the faucet is finally over. This helpful elephant brings the water stream closer to your child, allowing them to wash their hands and brush their teeth with ease. Say goodbye to wobbly stalls and the hassle of lifting your child to reach the faucet. No installation required - your child can hold Jumbo Jr under the faucet like a cup or place it at the bottom of the sink and the water will flow out of his trunk! No more messy clothes and bathroom floors.
Jumbo Jr. Faucet Fountain
Kaloo (My First Doll) - Chloe

The Kaloo My First Doll will be your child's new best friend. Made from super soft, plush materials, they comes dressed in a non-removable hat and outfit, so they are always dressed up for any occasion. Have a tea party, take a nap or just carry them wherever you go.

Many varieties of dolls available, get one that looks like you (different skin tones), boy (Lucas), or collect them all.
Wouldn’t it be great to have big stompy feet and a long grey trunk to grab goodies to eat? The If I Were An Elephant Book encourages children to think about these amazing animals. With a fluffy blue tail and strong board pages, this book will last them for years.

More great books like this available available from Jellycat including An Elephant Nose Best and If I Were A Sloth - best of all there is a matching stuffed toy (sold seperately).
If I Were An Elephant Book
Wildly Delicious
Whats better with a wine of glass at the end of the week than a simple charcuterie board that is delectable and ready in no time.
Whether it is for you and your significant other while relaxing, or sharing with someone in your social bubble; you can step up your charcuterie game with jellies, confit, and marmalades from Wildly Delicious.

Choose from various flavours below.
Black Truffle Balsamic Onion Confit
Ghost Yellow Pepper Jelly
Caramalized Onion & Maple Confit
Green Pepper Jelly
Tangerine & Red Chili Jelly - NON GMO Verified
Spiced Whisky Marmalade
Deb's Dips & Cracker Seasonings
Those of you who tried samples - when sampling was a thing at Crafted Decor - know what amazing flavour can be had from a simple saltine cracker with these seasoning packages. Just add seasoning package, oil and a box of saltine crackers. Mixing bag included. Great alternative on game night too.

Available in 4 flavours: Caramel & Sea Salt, Garlic & Dill, Sriracha, and Zesty Italian.
Deb's Caramel & Sea Salt Saltine Seasoning Mix
Deb's Sriracha Saltine Seasoning Mix
Deb's Garlic & Dill Saltine Seasoning Mix
Deb's Zesty Italian Saltine Seasoning Mix
Dammit Dolls have never been more useful for dealing with stress.

Slam and whack your tension away right from the comfort of home. Also great as a gift for those working in high stress jobs: nurses, doctors, hospital workers, grocery store workers, essential services, frontline workers, or anyone young or old having trouble dealing with our current situation. (masculine and feminine fabric choices available)

Put a smile on their face and let them wack away!
Classic Dammit Doll - Random Selection
Fall (pardon the pun) in LOVE with NEW arrivals. While we will not be carrying the selection of clothing as in seasons past, we do still have a great selection of more casual, but stylish pieces.

Brands like Tricotto (pictured) are currently in stock.

Clothes are only available
 IN-STORE (not online)

Christmas reveal will be a different this year, but we will still be celebrating the season with our usual splendour.

Christmas setup will be completed early ... October 22.

Tony and I have though long and hard and have come up with a solution so that you will have the opportunity to shop and avoid the frustration of lineups outside, while still adhering to our COVID store policies.

The next newsletter going out will have information about appointments you will be able to book online. They will consist of 40 minute intervals OUTSIDE of our current reduced regular store hours. We will be able to offer you excellent customer service without crowding or waiting outside.

More detailed information to follow

Private free parking for customers (at the rear)
*please do NOT park on the diagonal lines
(they are X's to mark the NO parking area)
Parking is a single row along the concrete curbs.
PARKING is for customers while in the store, and is regularly patrolled by parking enforcement.
*let us know if you are going to run other errands while parked in the lot to avoid being ticketed  

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