Ad Fontes Academy
25th Anniversary Fountain Newsletter
February 2021 Issue
Hello friends of AFA,

Welcome to our first Fountain of 2021!

Despite the limitations we've faced this year, COVID has not slowed down the creativity of AFA students in the arts and sciences. Enjoy a sampling of their work below!

The lower school is buzzing with excitement with our annual Read-A-Thon race underway. If you'd like to encourage a young reader and also help to enhance our science program, you can sponsor a student through our website toward our $20,000 goal.

Thanks for your prayers during this challenging but rewarding year!

In Christ,
Dean Luckenbaugh
Head of School, Ad Fontes Academy
Lower School Activities
2021 Read-A-Thon
From February 29-March 7, our young students are taking part in a challenge that cultivates interest and excitement for reading good books. Students are racing to earn prizes by accomplishing a series of individual, class, and school-wide goals. This year, donations from sponsors toward our $20,000 goal will bolster our lower school science program with new curriculum, supplies and equipment. Any additional funds raised may be used to strengthen AFA’s growing music and arts program.
A Selection of Winter Art
Our halls have been bright and cheery through these wintry months with lots of beautiful artwork by our students.
Kindergarten Public Speaking
Our Kindergartners have been working on their public speaking and presentation skills!
Third Grade Colonial History
During their study of U.S. colonial history, our third graders did individual presentations on different colonial trades.
5th Grade Castle Project
The 5th graders participated in their annual Castle Project. Students built castles from any materials they chose (from legos to "food grade" material). They then gave oral presentations about their castle to their classmates. This is always a favorite!
Sixth Grade Engineering Project
Every year, the sixth graders study the Mayflower voyage as part of their history curriculum. This year, they did a project called, "Build a Better Mayflower." They created their own ship designs and learned from their teacher's husband, Mr. Bone (a ship architect), about the elements of design to improve flotation, speed, and many other factors.
Upper School Activities
Natural Science Studies - Egg Drop
As an introduction to their study of forces, our Upper School Natural Science students were challenged to create a container of any size and weight to protect a raw egg in a free fall of 15 feet. No packing materials of any kind were allowed, plenty of research was. Creativity was the goal. We like to stretch students to think outside the box at AFA.
Biology Labs
Here's a peek into one of our Biology lab days - analyzing cheek and onion cells. Students compared and contrasted human and plant cells. They scraped and stained their own cheek cells and thinly sliced and stained an onion to observe the cells under the microscope. Research included looking at the cells through various magnifications, drawing pictures and writing observations of what they saw.
Shark Tank
For their recent Nutrient Bar project, our biology students were assigned a small group and had to create and market their originally designed nutrient bars. They created their bars using their own recipes, calculated the calories and grams of macromolecules included, packaged their bars, and developed a presentation to market their nutrition bars to the highly lucrative sharks of AFA - the teachers. It was great fun and great learning!
Feriae Artium
Despite being moved back and then abruptly pushed forward due to the threat of snow and ice falling from the heavens, on February 10 Upper School students demonstrated their artistic talents in our annual Feriae Artium house competition. Students displayed beautiful paintings, drawings, and photographs, brought in awe-inspiring 3D creations, and delighted with readings of creative pose and poetry. The event was capped with one of our most memorable talent shows. Filled with original and adapted comedy, dramatic Star Wars reenactments, moving musical performances, a sea shanty, and of course, synchronized eating, this talent show was one for the ages! House Atlantis is back on top for the first time in three years thanks to their dominance in the artistic categories and their dedication to submitting written and created work for the Feriae Artium. We are looking forward to 'Socrates' Revenge' in April and can't wait to see which house demonstrates its trivia superiority.
A Literary Gift
Seventh grader Taylor created this beautiful collage of books that Mr. Rallo has the American Literature students discussing this year. What a clever gift!
GDR Campaign Success
With the support of 241 donors, we've surpassed our $250,000 campaign goal and raised $256,282. Thank you for your help in strengthening our school's financial footing and paving the way toward the goal of purchasing our own property!
Thank you for reading our newsletter, The Fountain! We hope we have provided content that gives you a deeper connection not only to the mission of AFA, but also to the people that make up this great school community!
Ad Fontes Mission: To glorify God by assisting Christian parents in equipping their children to be servant leaders through a classical education based on eternal biblical truth.
Ad Fontes Vision: Ad Fontes Academy is a K-12 Christ-centered classical school with a beautiful, permanent campus serving 500 students that is established and financially sound, providing skilled, caring teachers who partner with Christian families to: support and challenge students of varying academic levels through a robust liberal arts and sciences, fine arts, and athletics program; equip current students and well-rounded graduates and alumni to think critically and excel in a wide range of vocations; and walk with students on their journey to love God and serve their neighbor, preparing them to be salt and light in the world.