25th Avenue Grade Separation Project Update
Minimizing Community & Rider Impacts
Due to significant reductions in ridership resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Caltrain is currently running reduced service which opens up more construction work windows. As the governor has deemed transportation construction as essential, Caltrain examined how the current situation allows for expedited construction to lessen overall project impacts on riders and the community.

The project found several components could move forward, including the building and "cut over" of the new elevated rail alignment. This work--originally scheduled for night and weekends--can now move forward during the day. Current circumstances also allowed for the accelerated removal of the southbound station platform (above picture). All trains are still servicing the station via the northbound platform.

Thank you to our dedicated crews and operators who continue to serve the community during this time.
Huge strides have been made on the 25th Avenue Grade Separation Project--which will improve safety and traffic flow, and reduce train horn noise. Here are some of the highlights which pave the way for project completion:

  • Over a mile of completed retaining wall (right-bottom image). The trains will eventually travel on this elevated section of wall that also serves to reinforce the vehicular under crossings
  • Skeleton track installed (left-bottom image)
  • New road construction for 28th and 31st Avenues west of tracks (top-right image)
  • Ramp access to new station (top-left image)
  • Five new rail bridges installed
  • Hillsdale bridge reinforced
  • 3,500 feet of PG&E gas pipeline relocated
  • Five miles of fiber optic cable relocated

Thank you for your patience while this project that will have long-term benefits for generations to come is built.

Camera crews were on hand to capture installation of the three rail bridges. Check out the timelapses and see the area transform as the project takes shape:


The Caltrain Hillsdale Station will temporarily close starting May 16, 2020, for up to six months. This necessary stage of the project will involve transitioning the tracks, creating an east-west connection at 28th Avenue, and building the new Hillsdale Station which will be located between 28th and 31st Avenues.

During the temporary station closure, Caltrain will continue overall passenger service, and trains that currently serve Hillsdale Station will be reallocated to Belmont Station.

To learn more about transit options for HIllsdale Station customers, view resources, and sign up for closure updates, visit www.caltrain.com/HillsdaleTempClosure. Q uestions? Call 1.800.660.4287 or email construction@caltrain.com.
Project Background

Caltrain, in cooperation with the City of San Mateo, will raise the tracks and slightly lower the road (grade separate) at E. 25th Avenue in San Mateo. This will improve safety for both motorists and pedestrians, and it will reduce local traffic congestion in San Mateo. In addition, the project  will create new east-west street connections at 28th and 31st Avenues; and as part of the project improvements, Caltrain will build a new elevated Hillsdale Station with updated amenities. Learn more at www.caltrain.com/25thGS

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