We did it! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who logged miles and helped us raise record dollars for our local trail and protected lands. 26,072 miles were logged raising $26,072 to support permanent conservation, education, and recreation in our community. What an amazing outpouring of support! Read the latest trail report below, and sign your kiddo up for Forest Explorer's Camp or Girls on the Trail. Registration is OPEN. 
Hit the Trail Challenge - 26,072 miles logged!

Congratulations  and thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Hit the Trail Challenge on the Whitefish Trail!
YOU logged 26,072 miles this May and raised a record $26,072 for our local trail and protected lands! We hope you had fun enjoying being out on the trail this spring and connecting with our local lands. A huge thanks to the High Stakes Foundation, Tailwinds Charitable Foundation, BlueCross BlueShield of Montana, North Valley Hospital, and Kalispell Regional Healthcare for matching miles for dollars and supporting health and wellness in our community. Results** below.
Workplace Teams Most "Points":
  1. 1. Competitive Timing: 147.4 points (3 team members)
  2. 2. HeartStone Advisors: 88.8 points (6 team members)
  3. 3. Muldown Elementary Teachers: 87.2 points (10 team members)
  4. 4. ZaneRay Group: 49.7 points (17 team members)
  5. Points were calculated as a per person mileage average with a 2.5:1 adjustment for biking miles
Workplace Teams Most TOTAL miles:
  1. 1. Muldown Elementary Teachers: 1,703 miles (10 team members)
  2. 2. The Wave: 1,359 miles (15 team members)
  3. 3. Healthy Living Cooperative: 1,337 miles (23 team members)
  4. 4. ZaneRay Group: 1,272 miles (17 team members) 
Most Miles Hiked - Individual:
  1. 1. (tied) Henry Roberts: 150 miles
  2. 1. (tied) Essie Roberts: 150 miles
  3. 3. Strava user 'Cuzzy Bear': 138 miles
Most Miles Biked - Individual:
  1. 1. Clint Muhlfeld: 808 miles
  2. 2. Geoff Gibb: 551 miles
  3. 3. Eric Greenberg: 470 miles
Most Miles Run - Individual:
  1. 1. Garrett Bloom: 229 miles
  2. 2. Tristan Scott: 211 miles
  3. 3. Wendy Seguine: 113 miles
Most Miles on Horseback:
  1. 1. Jenna Anderson: 88 miles
Whitefish Middle School students - 1,846 total miles logged!:
  1. 1. 7th Grade students: 728 miles
  2. 2. 5th Grade students: 571 miles
  3. 3. 8th Grade students: 450 miles
  4. 4. 6th Grade students: 97 miles
**Limitations with Strava may have resulted in discrepancies in exact mileage logged.

Tailwinds Charitable Foundation

Forest Explorer's Camp & Girls on the Trail
Registration now OPEN.
  Registration is now OPEN for Forest Explorer's Camp and Girls on the Trail. Due to Covid-19, we have made some changes to upcoming education programs to limit group size and incorporate caution. Registration is required, so reserve a spot today!

If you have been enjoying the Whitefish Trail recently,
we need your help with our 2020 fundraising!

Be a WT Friend or Family this year and make an investment
in the future of our local lands. 

The Whitefish Trail - Summer 2020
Trail Use Reminders

With so many people out enjoying the Whitefish Trail, be sure to follow trail etiquette rules where hikers and bikers yield to horseback riders and bikers yield to BOTH hikers and horseback riders. Uphill traffic has the right of way within each user group. For example, a downhill biker must yield to an uphill biker, while an uphill biker must still yield to a downhill runner/hiker.  As you approach other trail users, say hi to announce yourself, communicate a plan of who can step aside, and pass at least 6-feet wide. Please remember to drive with care when accessing our local trailheads through residential areas. 

Following federal and state land management partners, we have started re-opening vault toilets at our trailheads. Hand sanitizer is provided, and trailheads are being cleaned 1-2 times per week.  

Whitefish Trail Report - Early June 
by Alan Myers-Davis, WLP Director of Development 

Bullwinkle appreciates our local conservation lands too! Jared Richardson Photo
With Glacier National Park re-opening, Whitefish Mountain Resort opening this weekend, our Hit the Trail Challenge ending, and snow in the alpine quickly melting, the Whitefish Trail will probably get a little quieter than these past few months. This spring has been one to remember on the trail with record downfall, busy trailheads, and abundant wildflowers. We hope you have enjoyed our local lands this spring and can appreciate the community effort it took to secure thousands of acres in conservation and to build a world-class trail system in our back yard. Aren't we lucky to have this resource available to everyone in our community?

We'll take the rain if it means another summer without wildfire smoke! A lot of trees came down with last weeks BIG storm. We have cleared most of them, so let us know if you see any more. Whitefish Trail Coordinator, Helen, is doing an exceptional job getting important maintenance projects done. She's completed re-tread projects at Lion Mountain, drainage and brushing in Haskill, and sign replacement at Skyles. Recently, a top-heavy and dangerous tree fell on top of the cliff band at Lion Mountain, and she dug into her training to remove it safely. 

The Whitefish Trail continues to be in near-perfect shape for all types of non-motorized recreation. Get out to enjoy these long summer days on our local trail, be cautious, and enjoy! 

As you get out and explore the Whitefish Trail this summer, we'd love to see your photos and hear your trail stories! 

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors
The Whitefish Trail relies on the generosity of trail users, conservation-minded supporters, and local businesses to create a year-round, sustainable asset for future generations.    

RE/MAX of Whitefish has been a devoted Adopt-A-Trail Crew since the beginning. Their team takes care of the Rainbow Lake section of our community trail and ensures that 100% of the Whitefish Trail is maintained by volunteers. Thank you RE/MAX for your dedication to our local lands!

Thank you RE/MAX of Whitefish for being a  WT Adopt-A-Trail Crew!
Montana Conservation Corp (MCC) joined Whitefish Legacy Partners as an Adopt-A-Trail Crew in 2016. Their team enthusiastically takes care of South Spencer trails, helps with other special projects, and we could not do it without them! Thanks MCC for your hard work year after year.

Thank you Montana Conservation Corps for being a WT Adopt-A-Trail Crew!