26.25 Acres  with ¼ Mile of 
Kings Hwy frontage 
Lake Suzy Area of DeSoto County 
SW Peace River St. Arcadia, FL 34269
List Price: $1,200,000

MLS:  C7241812  

Total Acres: 26.25

Over Twenty-Six (26.25) Acres of gorgeous, Florida land located in the Lake Suzy area of DeSoto County, with ¼ Mile of Kings Hwy frontage. 

Located in an area with good traffic, primed for future development. 

Just 3 miles to Interstate 75, Shopping Centers, Hotels and Restaurants. Public access to the Peace River at opposite end of Peace River Street. 

Acreage is currently Zoned A-5. This area has numerous existing and proposed residential developments with a few areas of commercial and light industrial nearby. 

Easy access to Punta Gorda Airport and Sarasota County.


A Look Into the Past
Lake Suzy

Just over 40 years ago, what we know today as Lake Suzy Estates (LSE) was old Florida grasslands and vegetation used primarily as a cow pasture and, to a lesser extent, by hunters. There was no lake at that time. As far back as the 1920's, the property in the area was known as the "Loreda Park Subdivision" creating 50' x 100' lots. In 1968, Ben and Harriett Shepard acquired the land from the family of Felton Garner. Ben and Harriett turned the property east of Kings Highway over to their son, David, for future development. 
David believed that to develop the property, it would require an amenity - or something that would attract would-be buyers. That amenity would be a lake. The design of the Lake was, as Dave explains, to "add mystery." The intent was that no matter where one stood overlooking the Lake, you could not see the end. Mystery would be evident around every bend! In 1971, Dave began the excavation of the Lake at the corner of Ben Drive and Kings Row. As Dave described, "once you dig a hole in Florida groundwater begins to fill it up and within fifteen minutes the alligators arrive!" Excavation of Lake Suzy was finally completed in 1976. 
Lake Suzy is approximately 42 acres in size with a depth of up to 10 feet. The Lake serves the community primarily in three ways: 1. Focal point in SW DeSoto County for storm water drainage; 2. Source of irrigation for all residences bordering its shores and,3. Recreational use.
Source: Lake Suzy Estates
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