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26 Aug : Astro Alert, "A Cosmic Gift"


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When I read the following report that was sent to me this morning, I simply had to share it with you. It is the astrological 'imprint' today which is hugely significant for stepping into our authentic power and Truth.
The report has been issued by Astrologer, Sarah Varcas :

"Today we encounter energies the likes of which we very rarely meet. You can read about the astrology of it here. This is a day of great power, enormous potential and invigorating influences. It takes us beyond anything we have recently experienced into an energy field altogether different. Today the cosmos steps out of its own comfort zone into a place of expansion that even it doesn't usually occupy! Needless to say this is cause for both excitement and caution. Excitement because we now have at our disposal the experience of an energy completely fresh and new, and caution because we may not yet be entirely qualified to handle such a potent force!"
Read the full report here

What struck me so much is that her further description of the energies is perfectly aligned with the process and journey we undertook on Friday, which was clearly in preparation for holding this new energy. Divine timing and synchronicity at its best again!

The telecall/webcast and a downloadable mp3 of the journey itself is available for immediate access here :

Aligning with the New Planetary Human

I highly recommend it for establishing a higher level of energy field coherence to enable access to your own highest wisdom and power. Some of the words used by participants to describe the process include, powerful, strong, peaceful, deep, cosmic (among others!).

The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Aligning with the New Planetary Human

Your power awaits!

In loving service

Julie x



Forthcoming Events


1. Kundalini Awareness
A new 3-part teleclass series beginning 11 September. Vital information for these energetic times of intense awakenings.

2. Magic of Colour Workshop on 7/8 September. This will be the only Colour workshop I will be facilitating this year, so if it is one of those you have been thinking about, don't miss this opportunity. The shifts you can experience through conscious use of colour are amazing!

3. Antaneea Technique 27-30 September. There's so much that can be said about this supportive process, and most attendees admit that their experiences of it are 'beyond words'. It is a beautiful treatment that is equally exquisite to both give and receive. Follow the link to find out more (last workshop for this year)

4. A Sacred Journey from Grief to Joy 27-28 October. I am thrilled to be co-facilitating this workshop with Patricia Angove, who is well known to many for her 'Footprints of the Soul' and 'Living the Lemurian Way' workshops. This workshop will be a deeply personal and supported journey of the soul, bringing healing, regeneration and joy! Workshop detail here (You can find out more about Pat and enrol for her Dragon's Talk newsletter here)