This week HC DrugFree heard from 269 Howard County parents of children ages 12 to 20. These are just some of the questions from those parents:
  • My daughter claims "everyone" in her school is drinking or doing drugs. Does the county have a handle on how prevalent drinking and drugs are in the schools?
  • Where does a parent with a teen who has an alcohol or pot problem turn?
  • Where do I go to find a counselor?
  • What exactly are the legal consequences for serving alcohol to teens in your home?

Parents tell us they want HC DrugFree to stay involved in the schools, they want us to continue advocating for the community, they like what we do and they want to hear more Howard County data and parenting tips at our Town Hall Meetings and other educational programs.   

Tuesday, December 3rd is Giving Tuesday (#givingtuesday). Please consider what HC DrugFree does for the community and take a moment to donate. Your donation will allow us to continue providing these services and much more. As little as $25 allows us to put your name on the Friends of HC DrugFree list on our website. Click here to donate.

If you would like more information about HC DrugFree and what we do, please visit our website at If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at 443-325-0040 or Thank you for your continuing support and thank you for responding to our survey!  



Joan Webb Scornaienchi
Executive Director, HC DrugFree 

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