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Th ese are the activities construction crews will be working on over the next few days:

Thursday, August 15:

  • Crews will finish the ADA crosswalk ramp just west of the Highland Park Elementary School entrance. This will insure the main crosswalk in front of the school is open on Monday morning by the time school starts.

  • Crews will also finish up concrete work like sidewalks, curb and gutter from Imperial Street to Sonnet Drive.

  • Crews will be working within the road closure area to finish landscaping needs for residents impacted by construction activities. Top soil, sod and various landscaping materials will be replaced as requested by residents.

  • Crews will also cleanup all ADA ramps and sidewalks along phase one.

Friday, August 16:

  • Crews will cleanup debris from side streets along phase one from Preston Street to 1700 East, as well as dust and dirt off the road and off the curbs and gutters.

  • Sidewalks will be cleared of any debris to insure pedestrian safety prior to back to school day.

Saturday, August 17:

  • Starting at 7:00 a.m. crews will begin paving from Wellington Street to the west side of 1700 East with a 4" bottom lift, leaving about 1 1/2'" below lip of gutter.

  • All of phase one will be paved by Monday when school starts. Crews will work on any additional cleanup activities from paving operations. 

Sunday, August 18:

  • Crews will open the road to the public along phase one. The east end of phase two will remain closed from the west side of 1700 East to Imperial Street.

  • Westbound traffic will detour down 1700 East to Stratford Street, and eastbound traffic will detour down Hartford Street to Stratford Street.

Monday, August 19:

  • All access will be open by this date. No construction equipment will be in the vicinity of phase one with the exception of a few warning signs for travelers approaching the road closure near the phase two limits.

  • Traffic control devices will be pre-set for the entire phase two road closure from 1700 East to Dearborn Street.

Tuesday, August 20:

  • A road closure from 1700 East to Dearborn Street (with residential access only) will begin next week. This closure will allow crews to begin phase two reconstruction activities.

Please contact Justin Simmons if you have not received your rear view mirror hanger after this weekend. 

Our team is committed to assist in maintaining access to properties throughout construction, as much as possible. Certain activities such as driveway replacements, that don’t allow for a split construction and curing, will temporarily hinder your access with a vehicle On-street parking is still prohibited. Garbage collection is anticipated to continue as regularly scheduled. We’ll assist where and when we can with any events and issues that may be planned or arise.

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