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East Bound Traffic will be directed to use a detour at Imperial Street and back to Melbourne Street (both in red) during the initial phase of the construction of the raised crosswalks. Access to Highland Park Elementary will be directed to use a direct access from the north coming down Kenwood Street (in blue) for eastbound buses. Westbound buses will access the school from the west on 2700 South.
Construction activities are nearing completion with the final activities in sight. Below is a list of items that the construction crews will be working on to complete the project: 

• The raised crosswalks at 1700 East, Kenwood Street and Melbourne Street are yet to be completed. We will complete them as weather, holidays, and construction logistics allow. 

•  Starting next Monday morning, December 9, eastbound traffic will be detoured around the raised crosswalk locations from Imperial Street to Melbourne Street.

•  Traffic for Highland Park Elementary will need to enter from Kenwood Street. Please see the detour and access map shown above. This will allow for the construction of nearly 2/3rds of each raised crosswalk. 

•  Once this first phase of their construction is completed, and the concrete has reached strength, traffic will be allowed to travel on these sections and the remaining 1/3 of the raised crosswalks will be restricted so the can be constructed and completed. 

• The installation of the new traffic signs and the removal of the old ones within the project limits will also occur over the next couple of weeks.

• The striping and pavement messages are almost complete, however these messages are weather dependent. As soon as we get better weather conditions we'll finish installing the rest of them.   

Thank you all very much for your continued patience and help throughout the course of this project. We are as excited as you are for the completion of this project and are anxious to have the entire area cleaned up and the neighborhoods back to normal.

Please contact us at any time between now and the end of the month so we can address any outstanding items around your properties before the project is complete.

Jeremy Mitchell , Salt Lake City Project Engineer:
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Adan Carrillo , Civic Engagement Program Specialist:
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Justin Simmons , Project Superintendent:   
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