Salt Lake City Corporation
Th ese are the activities our construction crews will be working on over the next few weeks:

  • Crews are currently lowering the utilities along 2700 South from 1700 East to Dearborne Avenue.

  • Expect minor traffic delays through this area while crews are working. 

  • The sewer work to replace and repair portions of the sewer line near Imperial Drive and Grandview Circle should be completed by the end of this week with the replacement work.

  • The lining of portions of the sewer will follow shortly after.

  • The full closure of 2700 South from Preston Street thru 1700 East continues to be fully closed until the placement of the first lift of asphalt paving.

  • Next week crews will mix in a cement slurry to make a very strong road base section before paving. We anticipate approximately 1.5 more weeks of work in this zone before asphalt is laid and we move on to the next section west of 1700 East. 

  • The next section should be smoother running with water services being completed out ahead of roadway reconstruction.

  • Expect the next section from 1700 East to Dearborne Avenue to close at the end of the week of the 22nd.

  • Crews have completed the installation of new water services throughout the project.

  • No work is expected on July 24th.  

  • Resident Access rear view mirror hangers are being distributed this week in an effort to help construction personnel to quickly identify local residents. 

Please contact Justin Simmons if you have not received your rear view mirror hanger after this weekend. 

Our team is committed to assist in maintaining access to properties throughout construction, as much as possible. Certain activities such as driveway replacements, that don’t allow for a split construction and curing, will temporarily hinder your access with a vehicle On-street parking is still prohibited. Garbage collection is anticipated to continue as regularly scheduled. We’ll assist where and when we can with any events and issues that may be planned or arise.

Please contact us at any time. 
Jeremy Mitchell , Salt Lake City Representative:
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Justin Simmons , Project Superintendent:   
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